Advantages of being a volunteer from an employment point of view

What are the advantages of volunteering in an NGO? Here you can find several ideas to discover why volunteering can benefit both NGOs and those who want to collaborate with entities.

Far from investigating personal motivations, such as personal satisfaction, to name a few, that everyone has when performing these services, what is clear is that more and more volunteering is being imposed for many reasons among them I would like to mention some, related to the work environment:

First contact with the world of work. Many young people can acquire an experience that will be very useful to them. Collaborating for six months with an NGO is enough time to highlight it in the curriculum or in social networks (for example Linkedin).

Opportunity to acquire technical training. You can start your work with software, administrative tasks, or assistance resources.

Acquire new skills or develop existing ones. It is clear that with training, you usually acquire knowledge but until you apply the knowledge to the real world, it is very difficult to acquire the skills, abilities and attitudes that involves your staging in daily performance as say the team from voluntariado internacional in Barcelona.

Staying active. For the first job, unemployed, is an opportunity to stay active, maintain the dynamics of work and enhance the social relations inherent in any profession.

Possibility of finding a job more easily. The fact of having collaborated with an NGO allows the volunteers to acquire an interesting work experience, thanks to the professionalization of the sector.

It makes it possible to become a development worker. Experience as a volunteer is useful for working later in Spanish and international cooperation agencies or in foundations, although other requirements such as language proficiency (English and French in particular) are often required.

Because they interest companies. This is a requirement that is very much appreciated by the heads of the Human Resources department as they are people who participate very actively in common projects (teamwork capacity) and are dedicated to their activity. Sacrifice, effort, empathy, a good working environment, avoiding conflicts and the ability to communicate are their main virtues.

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