How COVID 19 pandemic has brought medical journalism in focus

In the field of journalism, the domains of health and medicine have always been out of focus,  neither as popular as sports journalism nor as fancy as entertainment journalism or not even considered as important as business and politics. Traditionally the focus on medical and healthcare journalism in mainstream media has been limited with one or more bylines here and there.

This view has completely flipped in the Coronavirus times. Almost one and a half years of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought Medical and Health news to the forefront, with everyone focusing on the number of corona virus variants, its mechanism, growth rate as well as tracking every possible advancement in the battle against this virus whether therapeutic or preventive. Medical journalism, which was earlier considered as an add-on to traditional newspapers has suddenly come into the limelight.

Understanding Medical Journalism

Medical journalism covers all the happenings of the Healthcare and the Medicine field. It is designed to fulfil the gap between researchers and consumers of medical information. It talks about medical news, guidelines, and important developments in the health industry. People are made aware of all the advancements in the medical field by enhancing the reporting quality of scientific achievements.

Medical journalism is primarily of two types. The first one is more focused on the patient I.e. patient-centric news. In this, the news is written for viewership of patients with easy medical terminology for their further understanding. The second type is more focused on the doctors and healthcare professionals. Doctors need to stay updated with the researches going on in different areas of medicine.

In India there is an absence of a proper channel of medical journalism, there is no platform that covers medical news vastly. So many advancements are happening doctors need to keep them updated. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has highlighted how a Doctor working in his clinic needs to be updated with the current medical news. Doctors need to get the crux of the information and stay updated with the news promptly.

For fighting the pandemic the Ministry of Health, the Government Of India itself since the start of the pandemic has taken out numerous guidelines. Other than the ministry of health, ICMR and various institutes worldwide also give their guidelines.

This is where Medical Dialogues has come to one’s rescue, being a medical news portal dedicated to Doctors and Health professionals. Started in 2015 to promote medical journalism in India, Medical Dialogues provides Health care Professionals with relevant, authentic, trustworthy, health information promptly. “It puts forward the motto of delivering trustworthy medical news in a timely manner”, aiming to provide simplified authentic , trustworthy medical news on time, in order to empower medical practitioners to improve their medical practice.

Curated specifically for doctors and health professionals, Medical Dialogues covers various aspects of Medical information relevant to medical professionals including Health news, Medico-legal updates, Medical news coming out of journals and Conferences, important practice guidelines as well as KOL authorized perspectives that are directed towards doctors, health professionals, nurses, hospitals, industry professional’s pearls of practice.

Medical Dialogues, in the pandemic, has proved its mettle drawing a traffic of 3 million plus medical practitioners per month and tracking every medical update and sharing it promptly with the doctors and other healthcare professionals

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