Are you Looking for a PG in Hyderabad? Here’s How you can Find One

One fine day, you have a great idea. You want to explore the world. You are ready to take up new challenges. So, you pack your bags and move to a new city. The catch is, a lot of people had the same great idea, and now you find yourself battling for space.

So, before you take the leap, anchor your great idea in some planning. For example, if you are moving to say Hyderabad, it doesn’t make sense to just shift on a whim. A bit of research on some basics does help a bit – how to find an accommodation, what will you do regarding finances, how adaptable are you to the language/food/culture of the place, any familiar people in the city who you can bank on etc. While some things you will learn and adapt to along the way, we believe finding a PG accommodation in Hyderabad should be the easiest thing to do if you stick by some ground rules.


What’s common between a safe neighbourhood, a reduced commute time and comfortable access to amenities? The location you choose to live in. This is especially useful if you don’t want to get stuck in the city traffic on your way back from college or work. Save on your time, energy, and resources by choosing a well-planned and accessible place.

Cleaning Services

Coming back to a dirty room can be an instant mood killer. But you don’t have to bribe a roommate to take up cleaning duties or challenge them to a game of chess, with the loser being responsible for dusting. If you take up a managed accommodation, that is. Trust us, this might seem like a small thing but when you have to struggle with cleaning every day, any help with taking care of a dirty pile of clothes or a dusty room seems heaven-sent.

In-house Meals

No one can beat home-cooked meals but doesn’t mean you have to compromise with tasteless or unhealthy food. Be sure to check out the food options before you book your PG. You should be getting at least 3 meals a day, should have a good variety of spread and ideally, it should be factored into your rent. There is of course the option of hiring a cook or preparing your own meals but this also comes with the hassle of stocking groceries, managing clean-up, etc. A wiser choice will be to negotiate for meal service and also figure out if you have flexible options that can be included in your monthly rent. Do speak to other residents as well to get a sense of food quality.

There’s nothing like having everything arranged by somebody else in advance so you can simply move in with your luggage. Our single line advice would of course be to check out a managed accommodation like Stanza Living when you move to a new city. These are professionally operated, fully-outfitted places that are designed for young consumers like you. They provide all basic amenities like meals, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance, etc. Before you move, you can shortlist the location and even check out options on

Now that you know what to keep in mind before you move, we are sure you won’t be among the teeming thousands struggling to set-up life in the city. We rather might find you enjoying your evening hanging out with friends or signing up for some hobby classes on the weekend, so far from the worries of managing household needs.

That’s what makes you different from those who just think up great ideas. You also know how to go about realizing them.

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