Hair Transplant in Pune- The solution for hair loss

Many people in Pune are suffering from excessive hair loss because of various reasons. Hair transplant is done not only for the people who have severe hair loss but also who want to lower their hairline for more attractive look.

For successful hair transplant surgery, it should be performed by a renowned hair transplant surgeon and in a good clinic.

According to Clinicspots, a reputed medical facilitator, by the age of 40, majority of men as well as women start facing hair loss or baldness.

But what are the reasons for hair loss? There are many root causes of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss


The rapid expansion of cities like Pune, mechanical activities like construction and emission of vast amount of gases from vehicles is causing heavy pollution. This affects your hair, making them weak, dry and frizzy.

Hereditary genes:

If you have inherited a gene of female or male pattern hair loss from either of your parents.

Emotional Stress:

If you have faced a stressful situation which has caused emotional upheaval in your life.

Lack of protein:

If your body is not getting enough protein which is stopping the hair growth then after a while, you may face hair loss.

Physical stress:

If you have faced a traumatic situation, you may face hair loss which is called as ‘Telogen effluvium’, in which your hair goes into shedding phase.


Women may face hair loss 3-5 months after giving birth as their body has gone through a stressful situation. This hair loss is temporary in most cases.

Alopecia Areata:

It is an autoimmune disease in which our immune system i.e. white blood cells attack hair follicle which causes hair loss.

Medical treatments:

Some medical drugs and treatments such as chemotherapy cause hair loss.

Hair Treatments:

Overdoing hair treatments such as curling hair, straightening, colouring, smoothening, etc causes hair to become thin and dry. As it becomes weak, hair loss increases.

The solution to baldness or hair loss is a hair transplant procedure.

So, what is Hair Transplant procedure in Pune?

Hair transplant in Pune is a surgical process in which your hair is extracted from the back of your head which is also called as donor region.

The extracted hair follicles are then dissected, and each follicular unit graft is implanted in bald region of your scalp.

There are different techniques used for hair transplant such as:

  • FUT Hair Transplant
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • Robotic Hair Transplant
  • DHI

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT, i.e. Follicular Unit Transplant is the commonly used method of hair transplant in Pune.

The strip of hair is harvested from the donor region of the scalp, it is dissected under the stereo microscope. The surgeon makes incisions on the recipient region of your scalp. The follicular grafts are then planted into incisions.

The surgeon closes the wound caused because of strip harvesting by stitching the wound. This leaves the linear scar on the back of your scalp.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is the most popular technique used for hair transplant.

The hair is extracted from the back of your scalp. The hair follicles are dissected under the stereo microscope. The surgeon makes incisions on the recipient region of your scalp. The follicular unit grafts are then implanted into incisions.

It doesn’t leave linear scar but leaves circular scars on the back of your scalp from where the hair are extracted.

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair transplant in Pune is a modified version of FUE technique. It is also known as automated FUE hair transplant.

But unlike FUE, image guidance technology is used to extract hair from the donor region. The surgeon manually inserts hair grafts into the incisions in the recipient region of your scalp.

The robotic hair transplant gives successful results and many reputed clinics provide it.


In Pune, Direct Hair Implant is one of the latest techniques which is used for for hair transplant. In this, hair follicles are extracted from the donor region by using specially designed tool. Hair follicles are not harvested but rather they are kept in a solution at a specific temperature which enhances them.

Then, a patented tool known as implanter is used to plant them in recipient region without making incisions.

It is painless, gives natural results and has very high success rate.

Now a days people not only go for scalp hair transplant, but they also look for other hair transplants such as:

  • Eyebrow hair transplant
  • Beard hair transplant
  • Female Hair Transplant
  • Body hair transplant

Eyebrow Hair Transplant:

Everyone desires to have perfectly structured eyebrows as it enhances your features and looks. Eyebrow hair transplant or eyebrow restoration is the solution for this.

It can be done when you have very thin eyebrows or have no eyebrow hair. If your eyebrows have suffered any damage due to accident, then the surgeon may suggest eyebrow hair transplant to you. The eyebrow hair transplant in Pune gives positive results.

Beard & Moustache Hair Transplant:

Having beard and moustache is a sign of masculinity and pride for many men which they don’t want to lose.

A person suffering from bald patches in the beard area can opt for beard hair transplant. If he doesn’t have beard or moustache hair, then also he can go for beard and moustache hair transplant in Pune.

Female Hair Transplant:

Many women face severe hair loss leading to pattern baldness or bald patches. Because of this, their confidence becomes low.

They also face a lot of psychological effects such as low self-esteem and increased stress level.

The solution to overcome this is Female Hair Transplant in Pune. The hair transplant for women can be done by FUT, FUE and DHI techniques.

Body Hair Transplant:

Body hair transplant in Pune is done when there is not sufficient hair in the donor area of your scalp.

The hair from your body part are extracted and transplanted in the bald area of the scalp. The body parts from which the hair can be extracted are legs, nape, chest.

Conclusion: Because of the availability of the renowned hair transplant surgeons, clinics equipped with latest technology, hair transplant in Pune is becoming preferred solution for hair loss by people. With new innovations in the field of hair transplant, it is becoming more advanced, ready to give more successful results.

Author Bio:

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