Interesting facts of the Mekong river in Vietnam

As a large river spanning many countries including Vietnam, the Mekong River is becoming a symbol of the Mekong Delta. People here live on the Mekong River, so it has long been a place to create a new culture with this poetic river.

The life of the people here year-round associated with the sadness and joy of this river. Therefore, when coming here, visitors will have extremely interesting and fascinating experiences

Each store has a tall bamboo pole waving in the air and to this are tied examples of the produce for sale. Everything from turnips and pumpkins to dragon fruit and coconuts. Some boats specialize in just one item, some have 10 different types of produce waving for all to see.

A boat screams past loaded with at least 10 prone pigs tied in the bottom. Another boat passes soon after, this time with just one, standing pig enjoying the run of the whole craft.

At last, I find the romantic Mekong Delta scenes I’ve been looking for through Mekong river interesting facts. Cruising through the smaller waterways, bordered by the tough fronds of the water coconut that are commonly used for thatching houses, a bridge crosses to a tiny hamlet.

I look up past the arching palm fronds to see a straight-backed girl in a luminous white ao dai cycling sedately across.

Unhurried, with her skirt tucked carefully into the waistband and billowing out behind. She holds the two side panels of her dress with her hands on the handlebars, like wings.

White egrets wade in green paddy fields and women in the ubiquitous conical straw hat and blue shirts walk along the dykes, carrying rice seedlings for planting.

Two other women operate a swinging scoop to transfer water from one paddy to another. Still, others bend their backs to work.

Where once there were two or three crops per year, now they churn out three or four with the aid of fertiliser. Muddy banks and refuse-strewn dykes border rice fields with the ugly stubbled look of mechanically harvested rice.

Depending on the Mekong river interesting facts, you should know that the Mekong Delta has brought abundance and bustle to the people of this land. Therefore, the Mekong river is like a part of the blood of the people of this region.

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