Zimbabwe safari and travel tips

Zimbabwe still rates as one of the biggest Southern African safari places. Despite its recent troubles, it provides a superior safari experience and is house to some of the very top guides in the business. With a people whose culture and history dates back 1000s of years, Zimbabwe sits between 2 great rivers, the calm Limpopo to the south and the mighty Zambezi to the north.

Here are some of the best Zimbabwe safari tips and tricks:

Do I need anti-malaria tablets for Zimbabwe?

There is a high danger of malaria in Zimbabwe so it is extremely vital to check with your doctor before you go, to view whether malarial medication is needed for the years you are visiting. Generally, it is best practice to reject mosquito bites by wearing long sleeved, low coloured clothes and wearing a mosquito repellent that contains at least fifty percent DEEF.

Places to visit

Zimbabwe top famous nature reserve,  as well as its biggest and oldest, is Hwange National Park. With its big variation in vegetation, including mopane woodland valleys and hills and Kalahari sands. Hwange is house to more than four-hundred bird species and hundred species of mammal. These contain rhino, lion, and leopard, and in particular, big herds of elephants, rivalling that of neighboring Botswana. Simply accessible to visitors, most of the camps are found along the northern fringe of the park and provide of ranges of price and styles.

Mana Pools National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage place and wildlife mecca. Mana Pools has been formed over millennia by the rushing of the Zambezi River via the valley, leaving in its wake are myriad of sandbanks, islands and channels, as well as many little ox-bow lakes, all lush with green vegetation and a attraction for wildlife. It is still one of the top locations in Southern Africa to do a walking or canoe safari.

What do things cost in Zimbabwe?

A simple meal can run up to $20 and basics can cost just as much. Part of this down to the arbitrary pricing system that was put in location when the US dollar was introduced and other part is due to the fact that the bigger part of resources are imported from South Africa. Zimbabwe has a lot to provide those who visit but do not guess it come cheap.

Is bargaining acceptable in Zimbabwe?

In right shops in Zimbabwe big cities, such as Harare, most items will have set prices and will not be up for negotiation. Markets, stalls, and family-owned stores, anyway, tend not to have any price labels and it is here that you will be capable to engage in a bit of bargaining.

Getting there

Plan and book your Zimbabwe holidays to the city and cut your risk of disappointment. Talk with your travel consultant and work with him or her and then visit the city. It is always advisable to book your accommodation and flights to Zimbabwe well in advance of your choice to confirm your flight reservations.

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