How to build the attractive idea for business

The something can not be compare with the battle in a different room that many many personing trying to the other personpace that is highly insably to take the solution, special is that when some few occurrence that , all all people and even even, they may have the given idea on the awesome. Therefore, the post will introduce how to patent an idea to all readers.

  1.      Positive attitude

Whenever you encounter a difficult situation, and trouble in life, you should think of the positive side of the problem and use positive language. The image of mind and language is the material that shapes the mind. Furthermore, the images you imagine and the words you use will help improve your mental state. Therefore, before you start doing any work, you should imagine the successful images you will get when you finish your job. Creating positive beliefs will help you believe in yourself, in others, and in the world around you. Maintain positive emotions and manage negative emotions by recognizing them, it is the best way to avoid feelings of fear, jealous emotions, and to avoid the rage that controls your life.

  1.      Create image thinking

–          Imagine thinking in “imaginary imagination”

The ability of the brain is unlimited, when you create imaginary images that you succeed. For example, you are creating in mind the patterns of behavior new success. Furthermore, imagination is the secret to increasing your chances, creating more ideas more often and easier. Although no one knows exactly why mindfulness is in the mind, imagination is so effective.

–          Learn to focus

By focusing, you will always wholeheartedly for work. Concentration will help you think about making the next move easier. Not only that, mindfulness also helps us to explore the infinite potential hidden deep in each person. Mind is to recognize and not to miss. Mindfulness will help you make the right decisions as you want, as well as the people, circumstances and issues that need to be addressed.

  1.      Observe the randomness

A lot of people have stopped doing their jobs when faced with a bit of difficulty. This is wrong when you want to be creative. Keep up the good work and you will come up with new ideas and solutions that will help you overcome those difficulties and succeed. From the thought that is familiar, if you dare to think independently and find new things combined with research and observation, they will help your creativity to generate innovations with many different and innovative.

In order to do this, you should always keep a small notebook with you to record the problems you observe daily and find solutions other than how you did to solve the problem. It can also help you to keep up with the sudden ideas that come to mind when you are anywhere. Moreover, in order to get more ideas, you need to observe and look at the problem with many angles because you will probably find new ideas, new ways to do it better if you analyze the problem from a new perspective.

  1.      Encourage and free the creative potential of yourself

Creativity and find the idea are what anyone can do. Just because the concept of “genius” and not genius because these “ideas” are useful, the other idea is trivial. In addition, because the “invisible” pressure to be praised is humble, etc. That has created a psychological fear, shame. They squeeze and destroy the creative mind, although there is always potential in each person. Therefore, let’s get creative, do different and have more ideas go. In addition, you do not be too concerned about how others think when you want creative ideas.

You should remember that breaking your creativity to create new ideas is a necessary change, not only for learning, for work, but for life as well. Surely your soul will become fresh, harmonious and happy.

–          Who is involved? (Who are the target customers?)

–          What happens? (What action should be taken by consumers to advertise?)

–          When did that happen? (When should a week appear?

–          Where does that happen? (Where should an ad appear so that the target audience is most receptive?)

–          Why does that happen? (Why should they care about the ad idea?)

–          How does that happen? (How ads can attract the most attention?)

  1.      Identify the problem

Using the known facts and give a statement are the things which you have to do to have good idea. The problem usually begins with “How to …” and adjusts accordingly. The stratification method can be very helpful in this. This is probably the method my students like most. We move downward into a more actionable question “How can we do that?”, for example, “How to reward / punish employees when they have completed / or can we move upward with a more conceptual question such as “Why do we do that?” for example “Why do we need staff to complete the plan quickly?”

Hope that the post will have you create the good idea. Furthermore, if you need more information, you don’t forget to visit the link:

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