All you need to know about Hair Transplant in India!

Hair loss in India is a very sensitive issue among both men and women. Rapidly receding hairlines and hair fall due to factors like pollution, stress, rising work pressure, improper eating habits, usage of chemical shampoos, rising heredity and hormonal disorders leading to baldness are growing today.

In India, however, most of the population was used to accepting baldness as a natural phenomenon. Many were misled by swindlers and left mutilated by ruined procedure. This was primarily due to the lack of availability of international standards and state-of-the-art technology.

Hair transplant seekers are now travelling to different countries to get the best hair restoration treatment at an affordable cost. Hair transplant in India is preferred by many people because of highly experienced surgeon and finest clinic facilities for hair transplant surgery.

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The rising cost of hair transplant all over the world has compelled patients to look for treatment abroad, particularly in country like India where hair transplant is accessible at significantly affordable rates as compared to the western countries.

Studies and statistics show that Indian men are now tackling the issue of baldness as early as in their 20s. The evolved advanced equipment and techniques for best hair transplant in India are making the huge difference in surgeries today, wherein the follicular units are restored in the affected baldness area seamlessly.

Hair transplant is a surgical process which involves the removal of hair follicles from a part of the body and planting them back on the affected portion.

Direct Hair Implant has revolved the whole hair transplant industry. The hair transplant industry is at an interesting phase, according to Viral Desai, Promoter and Medical Director of Direct Hair Implants (DHI) India. “The industry witnessed the presence of large, organised players and single doctor managed clinics. This co-existence has fragmented the market into segments, each with unique price points. However, we have seen a growing awareness about difference in results across these segments”.

Given that today’s consumer appreciates ‘value’ more than ‘cost’. Organized players, with standardized systems and evolved processes, are being sought to meet evolving consumer preferences, added Desai. The latest hair transplant technique in India is Direct Hair Implant (DHI).

The DHI Hair Transplant or the Direct Hair Implantation is actually a modified version of the FUE hair transplant technique in which extraction followed by the implantation process simultaneously. It is a form of natural hair transplant. The steps involved in the procedure are all same as that of the regular FUE hair transplant technique.

According to some researches, it is a new method of Non surgical hair replacement and non shaving hair transplantation technique. This hair transplant treatment is a painless procedure that is performed using precise micro-surgical tools.

DHI method/ technique is an advancement of FUE method where the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area via utilizing a micro motor and then transplanting them into the receipt site using DHI Implanter, a pen-like device that contains a hollow needle.

The tools used in DHI technique are US patented and single-use. They provide angle, depth, and direction to a surgeon thereby ensuring the natural-looking hairline. DHI technique is performed by MD surgeons only who are certified by London Hair Restoration Academy.

How does a DHI Implanter (CHOI) works ?

  1. Hair follicles are placed one by one into Choi’s implanter. Hair follicles should be managed with extreme care because they are very delicate.
  2. The most suitable angle of hair is 45° to 50°.
  3. This process is continued until the root of the hair that has been placed in the position of Choi is finished.
  4. During the operation around 2-6 choi pen and 14-16 choi needles are used.
  5. According to the thickness of hair and root hair thickness appropriate pencil is used during the procedure.

Length of the Surgery/ Procedure

The actual procedure can take up to 6-7 hours in one sitting. Doctors and their team work efficiently, don’t rush it to ensure the precise implantation of every hair, guaranteeing natural hair transplant results.

Recovery Process after DHI Hair Transplantation

After the hair transplantation is completed, crusting is seen in the transplanting area in 5-6 days. DHI Hair Restoration takes about twenty days for these crusts to heal and fall. Within three months you can see your fresh, bushy and new hair. However, it will take a year with pleasing developments to see all your transplanted hair.

Why Direct Hair Implant?

  • All procedures performed by globally trained and experienced and certified doctors
  • 100% natural results
  • No wigs or artificial hair
  • Single session sitting
  • Superior hair design – Maintains Natural Direction, Depth and Angle of hair
  • No scars, No stiches, No cuts. Unlike other hair transplant methods
  • 100% Guaranteed natural results

After that you make up your mind for hair transplantation, these are the few pointers which can help you to choose the best place for hair transplant in India:

    • The doctor or surgeon should be an Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS) certified.
    • The dermatologist should be well experienced and have extensive hair transplant training.
    • Do a deep research about the doctor and their successful rate before you go for hair transplantation.
    • Well experienced surgeon extracts the follicles himself and assures that the transaction rate is minimized.
    • If a surgeon is offering very low rates, you must get an assurance from the doctor that the transplantation is being done by them. It might happen that his technicians would perform the surgery.

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