Free Fun Typing Games For Kids To Learn Keyboarding

Typing is focused on practice. And one thing video games master is keeping kids employed in an activity long enough to practice. As you of my favorite studies says, “Game designers are wizards of proposal. They have learned the fine art of [getting people to] …persevere in the face of multiple failures, and celebrate the exceptional occasions of triumph after successfully completing challenging responsibilities.

If you want to get your kids excited about bettering their typing skills, introduce them for some fun kids’ typing game titles. There are many kids’ typing games online that can help strengthen keyboarding skills and improve typing speed and accuracy. kids can learn at home many typing games With a variety of different characters and scenarios, you’re bound to find one that will interest your child.

Typing the proper way

From the start, it’s best if you help your kids learn to use correct form, whether they’re doing offers or tapping out homework, because you can grab bad keyboarding habits. “These bad habits — for example, keying in with two hands, looking down at the keyboard, not using the house Row — are very hard to rest, and finish up significantly stunting the typist’s potential for quickness and reliability,” says Austin Butler, the founder of and

Additionally you want to help your kids avoid the issues that plague grownups who spend hours on the computer. “Repetitive stress injuries may also be observed in children who are just learning these new skills, activities and postures,” matching to Oregon-based chiropractor Dr. Timothy Stecher. What can you do? Stecher says to start by using furniture befitting the child’s size. “Also, by using a laptop on to the floor or bed is pain in the making,” he says.

If your child is likely to be on the computer for lots of minutes, he says a laptop should be used at a desk — ideally with an ergonomic external keyboard and mouse. Knowing that, here are 16 different fun kids’ keying in games to try:

Keyboard Climber

The goal is to help find the monkey all the way up to the moon by typing the correct letter as it seems on the screen.

The Typing of the Ghosts Game

Make the ghosts vanish by keying in the characters to them. If indeed they get too close, you lose.

Typing Rocket Junior

You get three minutes to type the letters on the rockets and score insurance agencies more hits than misses.

Trash Typer

Type the words to avoid the trash from achieving the ocean floor in this ecologically themed typing game for kids.

Fire Typer

Be considered a firefighter by simply typing! Type the words on the fire before they shed down the building.

Typing Band

Type the letter floating in the screen as it hits the speaker to be able keep carefully the music playing.

Letter Cruncher

Hit the words as they appear onscreen. Scoring depends upon keys strike per second and gets tougher with each level.

Cup Stacking

Stack and unstack the cups by typing the personas on them. One goal of the game is to instruct kids to type quickly.

Key Man

Go vintage with this typing game styled like the vintage Pac-Man arcade game.

Boogie Mat Typing

This four-level typing game starts by teaching the house row keys, then builds on previous lessons.


Type the letters as they journey from the cannon to blast them down before they invade the atmosphere!

Sky Chase

A multi-player racing game that allows kids around the world to race and practice computer keyboard skills.

Nitro Type

Improve typing skills while contending in fast-paced real-time races worldwide.


Save the globe from invading “spellerz” by typing what that flash on the display screen. Your kids will never get bored since there are 11 different expression lists that exist.

Zombie Defender

Zombies are taking over! Help save mankind playing this keying in game with three levels and five phrase lists

Owl Planes

A multi-player racing game where kids compete to type long words quickly and accurately.

Typing video games are an excellent way to engage a student’s attention plus they can . However, since video games don’t always coach basic techniques, you may focus on more set up lessons before adding game titles, “or leave them as an incentive once the student has discovered proper initial typing techniques.”

Despite all our technological advances, typing will likely be around for many more decades — even more reason to instruct our kids the proper way to type. Butler adds, “Like any skill, a strong foundation supports assurance and further development.

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