What Should You Know About Kitchen Cabinet Organizers?

Sometimes, when you are having a bad day or you just don’t have too much free time available, you may throw things in your cabinet and call it a day. When you open it again, you may be met by the unsightly scene of a chaotic cabinet – nothing is in its place, and it looks like a war has been going on inside when you were not looking.

On top of it looking unappealing, disorganized cabinets can also make it hard for you to find your kitchen utensils. The last thing you want to do is spend ages looking for your wooden stirring spoon when your food is already cooking.

This is where cabinet organizers come into play – they can make sure your cabinets are always nice, clean, and organized. Let’s find out more!

Cabinet Organizers Overview

Cabinet organizers are racks, bins, drawers, shelves, or similar things that you put into cabinets. Their role is to allow easier storage. What they do is divide your cabinets into multiple sections so you can conveniently store your kitchenware and other things. This way, kitchen cabinets don’t have to be a disaster anymore.

What Are the Different Types of Cabinet Organizers?

Cabinet organizers come in all sizes and shapes. With some of them, you can store food, while with others you can store different kitchen items and utensils.

One common type of cabinet organizer is the transparent rectangle canister. This is great for storing dry goods like cereals and spices. On top of that, having a transparent organizer means you will be able to see the products inside more easily.

Wire basket organizers are also amazing, particularly when it comes to tall pantry cabinets. You can simply put the baskets under your pantry shelves. Supplies that do not fit anywhere else can be kept in the basket drawers. Whenever you need something for cooking or baking, you will slide out the wire basket organizers and grab it.

“For tall pantry kitchen cabinets, wire basket cabinet organizers tend to work well,” says Sheri Cyprus from Wise Geek. “The baskets fit under pantry shelves and slide out for easy access. Having the baskets attached underneath the shelves can still leave shelf space for larger items. For example, a baking area may include storage jars of flour, sugar, and other staples on a shelf, while smaller baking supplies could fit into the basket drawers below.”

Cutlery holders are another common cabinet organizer type found in kitchens. The rectangular metal mesh basket is very often seen in people’s kitchens.

Another popular way to organize cabinets is by adding rectangular open metal or plastic containers inside the cabinet. Each container can hold something different, such as plates, pots, and other items you frequently use in the kitchen.

Things to Look for in Cabinet Organizers

  • Material

Cabinet organizers can either be made from metal, wood, bamboo, or plastic. Each material has its own benefits depending on what you are looking for.

Wood and bamboo are pretty pocket-friendly and they also look cute. When necessary, they can be easily cleaned with some water and soap. Obviously, they require drying too.

Plastic ones have non-slip materials at the bottom to make sure they do not slide around. They are also easier to clean than wood and bamboo.

  • Design

There is a wide range of designs when it comes to cabinet organizers. You can opt for one-piece organizers or multiple-piece ones. Generally, the latter is a better option when you use a cabinet to store different objects.

“Do you want something that slides right into your drawer in one piece, or would you prefer a set of smaller containers that you can arrange to form a larger storage system? Organizers that are one piece might be better for standard-sized drawers and items that are easy to arrange, like flatware,” say Nicole Papantoniou and Abigail Bailey on Good Housekeeping.

  • Size

Not only do you need organizers that provide convenient storage options, but also something that actually fits inside the cabinets. Before buying any organizer, it’s best to measure your cabinets to make sure everything will fit nicely.

Final Thoughts

Cabinet organizers can be extremely useful when you want everything to look neat inside your cabinets. It also makes it easier to find the items within your cabinets. However, make sure to consider the size, design, and material before buying them.

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