Benefit and disadvantage of using bone conduction headphones

The bone conduction technology has been used for several years, which act as an effective tool to help those who with hearing loss. In recent days, the bone conduction headphones are started screening up on the consumer market. Presently, there are several different brands of headphones available that are being manufactured at the various price points that could be ranged from $25 to $150. For those who struggle with the ear buds that are not fitting well and falling out of the ear continuously, this bone conduction headphone may provide a better hearing experience to the user. However, there are four main industries have attained the benefits from bone conduction technology that includes:

  • Hearing aid users
  • Sports headphones
  • Military communication
  • Scuba diving

The special thing about this headphone is keeping your ear canal free to send out the ambient noise, even if you are biking or running on a busy road. During this situation, you must need to watch the nearing traffic for the safety reasons. One of the major reasons for the growing popularity of the bone conduction headphones is protecting your ear from the hearing loss, which is associated with the use of earbud. Even some of the users consider this bone conduction technology is very safe to use and also greatly helps to safeguard the ear from danger due to too much noise that can direct to hear loss as well as irrevocably damage the cochlear cells.

According to this research, the bone conduction headphone has been passing on the vibrations over bone with the sufficient power for music, which means you need to be on the frequency range of 20- 20, 000 Hz. But now, there are some improvements have been made and the consumers expect to view the sound quality from the bone conduction headphones to persist to increase. When compared to the regular headphones, this bone conduction technology needs a power resource for the wired versions. This means that, there will be a specific kind of battery pack. However, this technology is quite difficult to see in the new wireless bone conduction headphone.


The benefits offered by the bone conduction headphones are given below:

  • When it comes to improving the situational awareness, while you are running, walking, driving or cycling, the bone conduction headphone is a good choice for you. This is because, it does not need speakers inserting over your ears and instead the transducer can perfectly sit on your cheekbones in front of your ears. So, this headphone leaves your ears completely open to the surroundings.
  • One of the greatest benefits to be overlooked in the bone conduction headphone is a good support for the near sighted or blind people. Hearing is a basic sense of trust for them while they try to get some idea of their surroundings.


The major drawback of bone conduction headphone is sound quality still leaves more desired. One of the main problems lies in the quality of audio, which needs to be improved as much as possible.

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