Useful Tips to start a Uber-like App

Uber is a business role-model many entrepreneurs try to recreate. In this article, we’ll discuss the technical details, marketing, and critical aspects you should consider to succeed.

The way Uber operates

Firstly, Uber provides a solution that impacts millions of people. The company cracks the taxi monopoly, and private transport is reinvented. Uber also provides fantastic drivers and passengers advantages. Uber is an iOS and Android mobile app to connect a passenger and a driver 24 hours a day. Uber is kind of an agent because it doesn’t own automobiles, but has a protected and mutually beneficial relationship. The Google Maps mobile app shows the closest car location and the time of vehicle arrival. All requests are sent to the driver so that he can accept or reject it. Passengers can verify the details of their drivers and monitor arrivals online. A text message or a call can always be used to notify users. When the vehicle comes, the user is notified (usually within a few minutes). After the trip has been completed, the program charges a fee for the customer.

The software deals with five main steps for users:

  1. Ride request
  2. Deposit of money
  3. Explore chauffeurs
  4. Charges when the ride is over
  5. Retrieve your chauffeur rating.

You should always completely understand that it is obligatory to create two separate applications attached to the management panel to develop an app likewise Uber. Each module has various features, specifications, and requirements.  Attributes of the customer app

The ability of Uber to offer users a large selection of vehicles at all times and accomplish their requests in ten minutes is the key point of product success. Passengers are provided with a high-quality service: prices are given in advance, the cost estimation is beneficial, and drivers, location, and the route can be tracked. Pricing is simple and applications can be performed by users of all ages.

MVP booking interface

The main characteristics of creating:

  • Login / Register.
  • Data processing.
  • Calculation of costs.
  • Track and GPS.
  • Monitoring a trip.
  • Transactions.
  • Messages and notifications.
  • Assessment & Review Functions of future releases can be extended to the History of your rides.
  • Favorite routes.
  • To book a ride.
  • Share a payment.
  • Specials and discounts.
  • Panic button.
  • Waiting list.
  • A car for a friend. 

The above-mentioned features guarantee a successful start.

Driver app: core characteristics

The basic properties to render a mobile application for drivers are:

  • Profile registration.
  • Online or offline setting.
  • Booking notification.
  • Payment data.
  • GPS optimization.
  • Support service.
  • Updated reports.
  • Messaging.
  • Passenger rating.

After a test launch, the driver app can be enhanced with the following characteristics:

  • Cancellation.
  • Destination.
  • Waiting time (in case a passenger cancels their trip after a particular time or the waiting time exceeds the limit, an extra fee is paid).
  • Queuing.
  • Favorite routes.

The admin app is a critical part of the system. It is supposed to have a user-friendly overview of all business processes, store user and booking data, and grant data access.

The features of the admin panel of an app like Uber are the following:

  • Data gathering.
  • Management.
  • Tariff setting, special discounts and offers, software updates, assessment, and feedback.
  • Support.
  • User requests received, issues addressed and reviews obtained.
  • Billing. When conflicts or mistakes happen, managers will cancel the billing and give the money back.
  • Data bank.
  • Analytics.

Our suggestion for starting a similar application

 In the field of start-ups and venture investments, there is another business group called Uber for X. The Uber business model provides a range of options for solving different problems other than the cab call in every segment. Any niche can be ‘immediately fulfilled which means that there are endless opportunities to create, in particular when Uber opened its API. The creators of this revolutionary app show no signs of stopping. It’s a source of UberEats. UberEats is now one of the most rapidly growing food suppliers in the United States.

Delivery app

The diversification policy not only offers economic benefits for the organization but also produces an airbag for situations of unforeseen circumstances such as the new coronavirus. Uber’s business model has been tested and has the advantages it can apply to mobile development of apps for industries such as beauty, medical care, food chain, laundry, lease, and so on. The so-called “instant screen-to-screen.” You should not go against big players in this circumstance. Although you’re willing to reshape the transportation sector, Uber is under-represented in certain markets. The aim is to fix a problem and to realize the audience that you are attempting to get.

Health service app In addition to technical aspects, when designing a specific application, you need to concentrate particular attention on ease of use and attractiveness, including the UX/UI. Even the most creative start-ups are not graphically pleasing today. Don’t forget to include qualified UX & UI designers when forming your team.

If you are pursuing a unique concept for your organization, respond to the questions below:

  • How to solve this?
  • Can you implement a transformation on them?
  • Why should consumers choose your product?

By making complex stuff more available, easy, and affordable, you can widen a once-limited market and find a compelling justification for developing your own product. Strategies to build an application that is going to work like Uber to develop a similar app, you will need the following:

  1. Application coding
  2. Web design
  3. Specific OS development (Android/iOS).
  4. Designing.
  5. Supervision and the control of quality.
  6. The project breaking into milestones is an important benefit to a development team.

With this approach, you can speed up the transfer from MVP into MMP by implementing new features and publishing them more frequently.

One more advantage is the ability to test an app after every milestone:

  • Smoke check.
  • Functionality check
  • User-interface test
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing

App design. Popular technologies – geolocation and routing

You should have a mapping database to develop a route and calculate the distance. We offer the Google Core Location App for iOS and Geolocation API for Android. MapKit makes mapping and navigation possible for iOS. Use Google Maps Android API for Android. Connectivity of payment options when implementing payment gateways, it is vital to guarantee financial data protection for clients. You need to have a cashless transfer system that is compatible with your PCI. When you plan to store and process credit card data you will need a permit. Payment Gateway providers such as Braintree and Stripe comply with PCI and are thus easier to integrate.

App notification system and messaging

GCM enables Android to push notifications, and Apple Push enables iOS. Twilio makes messaging possible. Alternatively, numerous different cloud communication platforms can be used.

How can I earn money on a Uber-similar app? Monthly services, partnerships with other companies, driver fees, cancellation fees, and promotional deals are the most widely known sources of income. Sources of income will be discussed before the application is launched.

We advise you to take the steps described in the article if you want to turn your dreams into the business. You ‘re sure to escape competition and reach a breakthrough with a unique deal. Don’t forget that a well-developed team is a secret to success so professionals should design your phone app.

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