What Cars Use LS Engines?

Are you wanting to see some improved performance and horsepower in that luxury sports car you paid so much for? Then you need to pay for the right kind of engine for the job.

Not every car enthusiast knows how to identify engine differences. However, it should come as no surprise that your engine is going to make a big difference in improving your car’s overall performance.

LS engines are highly sought out for their ability to improve performance as well as their ability to be easily swapped and customized. Read on to learn what cars have LS engines to swap into street rods or race cars.

Why Are LS Engines So Popular?

The LS engine is made by Chevrolet and it is one of the most popular choices for engine swaps. This is due to the engine’s power, versatility, and reliability.

Widely used in motorsports, LS engines are able to produce a substantial amount of horsepower. Even the least powerful engine can boost over 100hp by adding some LS engine parts such as a camshaft.

LS engines are also quite versatile. Even if a car isn’t an ideal candidate, there are usually ways to make it work. This versatility plays a large role in making LS engines a popular swap choice for street rods, race cars, and muscle cars.

What Cars Use LS Engines?

If you’re interested in swapping your car’s engine out with an LS, you’ll need to find the cars that have them. Here are some of your options:

Pontiac GTO

If you are only just now experimenting with LS engines, you may want to start off with the LS1 engine that you can find in a 2004 Pontiac GTO. You can also opt for the LS2 engine in the 2006 models.

C5 Corvette or Cadillac CTS-V

These two cars are equipped with the LS6, which is an upgraded version of the LS1 giving it better performance. Some of the LS6’s top upgrades are an improved air intake, a higher compression boost output, and windows cast between the cylinder blocks.

Z06 Corvette

If you want to get what is widely considered the best LS engine available, look for an LS7 with 505hp. You can find this engine in a Z06 Corvette, and with a few upgrades, you could get it to 570hp.

Those are just some of your options, and your best possible choice depends on your desired horsepower as well as your vehicle. Continue to do research to see which LS engine is best for your car.

Boost Performance With LS Engines

Now that you know a few of the cars that use LS engines, you can start seeking them out to swap out your engine and get some real horsepower improvements out of your luxury sports car. You’ll really notice a big difference in your vehicle’s performance, and you’ll be glad you made this engine upgrade. So start hunting some LS engine-powered cars down and start swapping.

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