Launching a Clothing Brand? Check How Namify Can Help in Deciding Names

If you are on your way to launching a clothing and apparel brand, then you will have to decide on a great brand name. It’s really important to remember that the best brand names are those that become almost synonymous with the products that are being offered. If you want to launch an apparel brand, you will need something aesthetic.

Apart from an intense marketing process, you need to pick a brand name that your customers and visitors will be able to relate to. It should also be something memorable and easy to pass along by word of mouth or texting. These points will help you to settle and come up with a fantastic brand name for your new business.

Step One – Brainstorm and Come Up With Ideas: The first step of coming up with names is to brainstorm and think of ideas and concepts. The first step is to think of words that can capture your business well. Word association is very helpful during this stage of the process.

During this stage of the process, a clothing brand name generator can be very helpful. You can try out Namify here. Namify is a one of a kind name spinner that offers brand names with a corresponding domain name, social media handles, and a free logo. It will find names for you that are available, relevant to your brand’s identity, and are memorable for the customers. Even if you’re having difficulty coming up with names and words on the spot, this name generator can help you immensely.

Step Two – Shortlist All of Your Name Ideas: Once you have come up with a list of all the possible names you can give your business, you should shortlist them. Having the choices in front of you can make the selection process way more efficient. Then it’s time to analyze.

During the analysis stage, you should weed out any names that are clunky, hard to spell, hard to pronounce, and hard to remember. Since opinions can be subjective, it’s a good idea to talk to a friend or co-worker.

Step Three – Get Feedback On Your Ideas: After you have shortlisted, it is a good idea to get feedback on your ideas. You can start by conducting a survey on social media platforms. You can also contact industry experts for their opinion.

Step Four – Check If the Name is Available: The final step of this process is to check if the name you have decided on is available. This can be checked directly on Namify. It will also let you know the available social media handles for the chosen name across major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Great names are really scarce, and there’s the off-chance that it is already taken. If it’s not already taken, it’s a good idea to register the domain name ASAP.

Namify as well as these simple steps will help you to come up with a fantastic name for the clothing brand that you are planning to launch.

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