What’s the Most Addictive Idle Game on the Internet?

Are you looking for an addictive game that ends at the infinity? You are at the right place, the cookie clicker game is made for addictive gamers, if you have nothing to do for the day, start a cookie clicker game and get started by clicking on cookies, gain another cookie save it for the later use and generate more and more cookies, the game literally never ends. The infinite tech cookie clicker game is among the most addictive games on the internet. All you have to do is start by clicking one cookie at a time reaching millions in few minutes and billions, zillions in hours or a couple of days. The earned cookies can be used to purchase buildings and blocks, get bonuses, and create more cookies at regular intervals. The achievements are rewards are more than enough, there are hundreds of medals and achievements you can attain throughout the game.

The game falls in the incremental games category and literally has no ending at all. With each achievement, user cookie creation multiplies geometrically. It means there are cookies beyond limits. For example, “Just About Full” achievement is obtained when a gamer cooks around 100 tredecillion cookies in a single ascension, after that on getting 1 quattuor decillion cookies, the user will be given a “Hungry for More” rank and so on. The last normal achievement is “And Then What?” that will be awarded on baking 1 quindecillion cookies in one ascension. Apart from normal cookie builder achievements, there are some continuous bonuses during the game. Among them are “Per Second” achievements that also call CpS boosters, they are boosted by golden or wrath cookie affects or Golden Switch Boost. There are so many other achievements alongside and apart from per second achievements. Hypersonic achievement is the last among Per second achievement which is still not obtained by any player out of millions of online gamers addicted to getting to the infinite level. Hypersonic is awarded to a gamer when it bakes 10 undecillion cookies per second.

The clicking achievements are continuous and are rewarded anyways as long as gamers are playing the game on the screen. It starts from 10 trillion clicks bestowing “Clickageddon” achievement to the “Clickasmic” that will be given to one who makes 100 billion cookies from clicking. The incremental game was created in an evening by Julien Theinnot, there are regular updates and achievement updates by the single-player video game administrators and programmers. The game came online in 2013 and was used by millions per day after few days. Even if the gamers are offline, the cookies are still generated, points still scored with the infinite achievements being collected and secured. Most interesting of all, there are many hacks and add-ons online that will amplify your cooking and click to enormous levels. There are various tasks in additions that will earn you more and more points. Until now, there are two major updates i.e. Legacy Update in 2016 and the modern “Spiritual Update” in 2017.

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