Learn to Repair Damaged or Corrupted PST Files

Microsoft Outlook is considered as a personal information manager which is a part of MS Office suite. Generally, it is used as an email application which allows the users to send and receive emails. Additionally, you can also store notes, contacts, journals etc to save your important data. You will also get All-in-one calendar management system which will help to manage calendars, schedule meetings, get reminders etc. Even more, it also allows the users to share documents, project notes, send reminders etc.

In Microsoft Exchange Server, all the mail items are stored on a server. Outlook uses .pst extension which stands for Personal Storage Table and .ost (off-line storage table). It is a personal folder for users which allows storing data up to 2 GB. Users can protect the contents of a PST file using Password Protection feature to keep it safe for long time. It doesn’t matter how much protective you are, sometimes PST files gets damaged or corrupted. In such a circumstance, users will not be able to access the PST files and floods of error messages will appear on the screen when you will attempt to view them.

Reasons Responsible for Damage of PST files:-

There are several factors which is the reason for the damage or corruption of the PST files. Some of the important points are given below.

Abrupt termination of system or MS Outlook.

Virus infection in the system.

Accidentally deleting the files by pressing Shift + Del keys together.

Malfunctioning of the MS Outlook.

Crashing or freezing of the operating system.

Installation of outdated drivers.

Corruption in boot sector.

In the case of PST corruption, users will face never ending error message which is extremely irritating. The most error message detected by the users is “.PST file is incompatible with the version of Personal folder”. Besides this, there are many more annoying messages. Some of the important points are mentioned below:-

“The file drive: filename.pst could not be found”: This message mainly appears in MS Outlook 2003 or 2007. It means that you will be unable to access the existing PST files.

“PST file has become corrupt or locked”: It is seen when PST files severely gets damaged or corrupted.

“Outlook cannot find your PST file”: This alert mainly occurs when your files get permanently deleted from MS Outlook.

“An unknown error has occurred”: It is a common message which appears when Outlook fails to open the selected file of the users.

“Ol97 Error opening a shortcut to an item in a PST”: When you will try opening the shortcut of damaged PST file then it is seen on the screen.

“XCLN Error Msg. Opening PST: The folder could not be opened.” This message is also annoying which appears after the damage of PST files or folders.

However, an inbuilt tool comes with Microsoft outlook scanpst.exe i.e. Inbox Repair Tool. It is designed to repair the damaged or corrupted PST files. But users need to know that it has some limitation which is the reason behind failure of the tool. This software will not be able to recover oversized or password protected PST files. Even more, it will also become unresponsive when you will attempt to recover severely damaged files. Thus, it is not a reliable software on which user can trust blindly. If you have lost your important PST files and looking for the effective steps to repair them in easy way then you need to make use of PST Repair Tool. It will definitely help you to recover lost, corrupted or damaged PST files. Want to know more about the tool Click Here

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