Know How to Run a Successful Campaign on Impact Guru

The combined impact of the IT revolution and globalization have brought the world closer and yielded a  conducive ground for crowdfunding to grow. Crowdfunding is now becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to raise funds for a variety of causes.

There are multiple benefits of raising funds through online crowdfunding on Impact Guru. Crowdfunding on Impact Guru is an opportunity you will regret to miss out on.

The real question is how to leverage this opportunity. How to go about it, What is the procedure to start a fundraiser, How to run a fundraiser campaign successfully, What are the basic things the campaigner must do to ensure its success? We will try to deal with all these questions in this article. We understand, crowdfunding is new to you and it is natural to get a little anxious at this point. But do not get intimidated. Crowdfunding is really simple. All you have to do to run a successful campaign on Impact Guru is:

Start a fundraiser:

Visit the homepage of Impact Guru’s website. You will see an option called start a fundraiser on the upper right corner. Click on it and fill in the details. It hardly takes 5 minutes. You will then receive a call from Impact Guru’s team to take the process further. Remember it is absolutely free to start a fundraiser on Impact Guru.
Write a compelling fundraiser story:

An emotionally appealing fundraiser story is essential to run a successful campaign. Catchy title, crisp introduction and details of your causes are important elements of a good fundraiser story. To make your story more effective, talk about the impact that this campaign will create and why this cause is important to you.
Use attractive visuals:

You need not stick to all-text format while writing a fundraiser story. Remember, most people are visual. They prefer to watch rather than to read. Add images related to your fundraiser cause. Create videos if you can, add it to your fundraiser story. Believe us. It works.
Offer rewards:

Crowdfunding works on generosity. Donors do not expect anything in return of the donation but everybody loves acknowledgment and transparency. Express your gratitude towards your donors by offering rewards. They do not have to be grand. Something as small as handwritten thank you note can work wonders.
Shout out loud on social media platforms:

Thanks to the tech revolution, we have multiple social media platforms to stay connected with our peers. Craft the perfect mix of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Instagram, LinkedIn that best suit your cause and your audience. Figure out where you can tell your story well and where you will find the most donors.
Write telling posts.Understandably, you may have little time, and you may be stressed and anxious, so ask for a friend’s help, or ask us.

Share posts frequently. In fact if you cannot devote much time to this activity, get yourself a helping hand in the form of a friend or a volunteer, specially dedicated to share your fundraiser on social media sites.
Post updates:

Engage with your audience and involve them in your campaign. Providing updates is a great way to keep in touch with existing donors and to gain the attention of new ones.

Set a time frame:

Create a sense of urgency. Let people know they have limited time to make a donation. This will ensure that the visitor to your fundraiser does not leave without making a donation.

Send emails:

Emails are effective, sometimes more than social media platforms. It is more personal and protects privacy. Send an email to all your contacts and ask them to make contributions to your fundraiser.

Organize offline events:

While all activities of digital crowdfunding are confined to online space, the power of direct contact is also significant. Don’t you like to meet your friends once in awhile even when you are constantly in touch with them over whatsapp or Facebook?
Organize an offline event like potluck lunch at workplace or a tea party at your house, a marathon or sport event at a local gym to engage with your donors and build an emotional connect with them.

Get press coverage:

Media attention can benefit your fundraiser in multiple ways. It will not only make your campaign  popular but also bring in a lot of donors! It helps to add genuine value to your fundraiser campaign as people tend to trust a story that comes from a reputed media house. You can reach out to media publications that has a reader base matching to your target audience and pitch your story to them.

These are some tried and tested methods that have worked well earlier for campaigners on Impact Guru. You can explore success stories on Impact Guru to know more about what makes these campaigns a success.

Having said that, this list is not exhaustive. You can be creative and try out new things that might work well for your campaign. Remember every fundraiser on Impact Guru is different than others. Their stories, requirements are different. There is no one best way to run a successful campaign on Impact Guru. You can devise your own strategy. Mix and match factors from this list and design your own effective way to do it. Be open to new ideas.
One thing you can be assured of is, no matter what is your cause, what is your fundraising strategy, Impact Guru will provide you round the clock, customized support throughout your fundraising journey.

Selecting Impact Guru above all, will ensure success of your first ever crowdfunding effort. Impact Guru provides 24×7 customer support through a campaign manager dedicated to your campaign. It’s strategic partnership with leading global crowdfunding platform, Global Giving gives exclusive tax benefits to donors from US and UK as well. Impact Guru is also the first crowdfunding platform in India to have an Android app which lets campaigners manage their fundraisers with ease from anywhere. You can get real time updates of your fundraiser and share it on various social media platforms.

Now what are you waiting for? The world of crowdfunding is your oyster. Start a fundraiser today!

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