How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Does Wonders in Eliminating The Fear of Flying?

Flight phobia! Aerophobia! Call it by whatever name but the impact it has over the people can terrify them to death! Why is it so that some of us go through a dreadful state of mind with a mere thought of flying while other gets super excited with the same stimuli?

The understandable crux is that it has everything to do with the story that our mind narrate us with respect to flying!

Phobia experts have concluded it to be an anxiety disorder that triggers the feelings of fear, nervousness, and uneasiness deep within. There can be ā€˜nā€™ number of reasons based on the different fears, theories, and explanations for the fear of flying but one thing coming out certain from this scenario is that this pattern fumes from the irrational conditioning of our minds.

The threat that our mind perceives before any bad occurrence clearly comes from the state of over-thinking that requires a systematic dose of practice and training with which we could overthrow the existing symptoms of the anxiety.

It is not just about aerophobia but every such type of concern, be it Claustrophobia (fear of being in small spaces), acrophobia (fear of heights) or any other type of fear, the treatment goes same for such disorders ie. the cognitive behavioral therapy.

The post will touch the deep zones of how cognitive behavioral therapy can effectively cure the faulty state of mind activating a counter mechanism to fight back this disorder.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is nothing but a coping mechanism where based on the acceptance and reprogramming of our minds on a given subject, we can rewrite the story in our mind.

The factors and reasons for unjustified programming can stem from any trauma or experience but the effort of patiently dealing with it is the best alternative that can resolve the flying and other phobia from its roots rather than finding for the distractions to fight it on a short term basis.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works?

The beginning step of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is to accept the present situation without inducing any form of euphemism. Meaning, it is very important to acknowledge the fear and anxiety that the idea of flying is causing to your being. Once you are comfortable with this thought and has made up your mind to courageously deal with it, you have won half the battle already.

The acceptance comes from getting comfortable with the thought that dealing with the flying phobia will make you uncomfortable in the beginning. A firm belief and optimism in place can replace these symptoms to let you win the situation with much ease and comfort. These unsettling thoughts are just a kind of illusion that your mind has created to generate an anxious response.

Once you are determined to get rid over the aerophobia, then with the help of certain aids that make you feel better or cause you to drift away from your anxiety, you can practice it deliberately to create a different perception about flying.

Meaning, refining your flying experience with deliberate efforts from time to time can help you create a new perception that can hold a much healthier definition than it was before you started with the journey of cognitive behavioral therapy.

The aids can range from doing meditation to listening music. These may vary from person to person as the idea behind it is to calm the mind and observe the thought pattern to create a clear and real perspective about your flying experience.

For you to put a brand new thought process in place, it becomes pertinent to study the existing fears and concerns with respect to your flying phobia so that you can do the needful corrections and alterations in it.

Once you strive to create a parallel reality against the perceived notion of your flying experience i.e. undertaking a smooth flying experience based on your deliberate efforts from having a fearful encounter with flying, you will gain a brighter perspective with regard to flying that will automatically change your belief system and behaviour towards it giving rise to a whole new paradigm.

And so, your thoughts with regard to flying will also start flowing in a positive direction engendering the feeling of excitement and calm in place of fear-based emotions.

The Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a mix of rational thinking and practice that can help in reprogramming of certain areas in mind which was causing you the trouble. The tools that help you pursue this therapy is the quality of being patient with yourself along with a strong desire to overcome the fear.

It would not be wrong to state that practicing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is way more than just therapy for it alters your attitude towards life improving the other areas of your life as well.

Nonetheless, It is understandable that not everyone can undertake this journey on its own which is why many professional institutes have taken up the task to assist the people in this endeavor.

As we wrap up

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The carefully examined and designed courses will not just pull away from your dark and dense flying experience but will let you taste the sweeter side of life where you can enjoy your exotic and corporate flying instances without having any emotional tussle within.

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