10 Tips to Build Secure Mobile App and Increase Performance

There are over thousands of apps that exist, and almost all of them are being used by people on a regular basis be it for shopping, placing orders, tracking their packages and many more such use. And when we use an app, we often give a lot of information to the application to use such as our location or address, our email accounts, our phone numbers, credit card details and many more such important personal information.

But sometimes, like in about 1 in 100 times some of our important and personal information that we fed into the app are leaked. Which can eventually cause a lot of problems. The mobile apps have gotten much secure over the period of time but they still have scope for improvement because there might be even a small glitch and all their customers and users’ details can be leaked.

It is even noticed in some past research and statistics that some android apps are more prone to getting their users information leaked than iOS apps. But that does not mean that iOS apps can not completely leak its user’s information, it too can leak it but the statistics show that there are comparatively less chances in iOS apps. And hence to increase their efficiency android companies hire android application developers who are top notch and know exactly what they are doing.

And talking about apps iOS has been trying to come up with multiple games since the population these days, mostly the youngsters are so into gaming. And hence they are looking for iPhone game developers for hire, and the demand for them is very high hence if you are qualified and want to apply for a job then this is a best time to do so.

Now we are going to look at 10 tips that can secure your mobile app and at the same time increase its performance:

  1. Encrypted coding

Security of the app as well as the security of the users and customers personal and sensitive details should be the first priority of any and every app developer. And for that they should create an encrypted code and just creating the code is not enough. Oftentimes the developers forget to do a test run of the encrypted code that they have created and that in turn increases the vulnerability of the app and since the developers have not done a test run, they are not aware of how strong or how weak the code is. And if by any chance the code that they have developed is not as strong as they think, it will give easy access to hackers that can leak the apps as well as its users personal and important details.

Hence to avoid the issue of forgetting to run a test check the android companies hire android application developers who are top notch and will make sure as a matter of fact that there are no errors in the encrypted codes that they have created.

Another thing to always keep in mind is that only because the app store has allowed the app does not by any chance mean that the app is totally safe and there would not be any potential cases of data leaks.

  1. Data encryption

 The developers have to make sure that along with encrypting the code they also have to encrypt the data. What these encryptions basically does is that even if any hackers manage to get their hands on the app’s encryption, they will not be able to do anything until and unless they have a key to the encryption

  1. Testing over and over

The developers should not think that only one test run will do the job, they will have to run tests over and over again until the app is perfectly secured.

  1. Network connection security

Along with encrypting codes the developer should also incorporated extra security through VPNs.

  1. Minimize storage of sensitive data

Along with encryption and security the developers should try to store as fewer sensitive data either about the app or users as possible.

  1. Prevent data leakage

Often times users do not read through the terms before giving specific permission to apps. So, make sure to work with secure providers and carefully implement advertising.

  1. High level authentication

To make your app even safer always use high level of authentication by giving the users passwords that only they will be aware of and remind them to not share those passwords with anyone.

  1. Third party dependency

Never assume that the third party you are working with are dependable and safe always, so always choose third party that has a good reputation in the market.

  1. API management

Always make sure that you use verified APIs since they are susceptible to danger since they have to face the outside world and also, they are one of the key elements in backend programming. These can be easily taken care when going to iPhone game developer for hire.

  1. Think like a hacker

If you want the app to be safe always think like a hacker that will give you an idea of what they can do to breach and you as a developer can stronger those points so as to secure your app even more.

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