What Are the Alternatives to Managed WordPress Website Hosting

 Today, website hosting services come in different forms and shapes. Beyond the managed hosting, you will find other common ways you can host your WP site. You can go with shared servers, VPS, and unmanaged hosting providers. When choosing one over the other, you need to consider the pros and cons of each. This will enable you to choose a hosting service that suits your website needs. So, here are the alternatives to managed WP website hosting that you can get from a reseller hosting service:

Unmanaged hosting

Managed and unmanaged hosting services are like opposites. A managed WP host provides the server to host your site and an additional bunch of features to help manage the site. However, unmanaged hosting just offers you the server and no additional features. So you have to handle most of the technical issues like setting up WordPress or even installing PHP. If you want a custom setup and to take advantage of optimizing the server yourself, you can go with an unmanaged host. For WordPress sites, you want to consider managed reseller hosting because it will save you time and the headache of doing that technical work.

Shared hosting

Many people who are setting up their first website will use shared hosting. They later upgrade to dedicated servers. Shared hosting is attractive because of the low price. However, that low price also comes at a cost. Shared hosting allows websites to share space on a server. Sharing server resources with others impacts negatively on the security and performance of a site. You may not want to have your Windows hosting being based on shared servers. It is better you go for a server that you have control over so that you ensure your site offers a good user experience to the audiences and it remains secure.

VPS hosting

Virtual private servers (VPSs) are kind of a mix of a shared and dedicated host service. You will have a site that is hosted on a shared server but has a private partition. So you will not be sharing the resources with any other website. You won’t share the processing power of the server with other sites. This ensures high performance of the site and enhanced security. You also have much control over the server setup.

Whether it’s WordPress host, Windows hosting, or any other type of hosting, you need to consider virtual private servers if you want to ensure the good performance and security of a site. You want to choose a hosting service that provides you scalability in server usage.

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