How to Leverage Your Facebook Account

Facebook isn’t new. In fact, it has been around for quite a long time. There are teenagers out there that have never lived in a world where Facebook didn’t exist. What is most surprising is that the social media behemoth hasn’t seemed to have lost any steam. It continues to grow despite having gone through some setbacks recently. The fact that it has been around for so long means that it has a dangerous presence in the life of most humans out there. Knowing this, then you can appreciate how vital having Facebook for your business is.

But why exactly is having Facebook so crucial for your business?

Aside from the benefits of merely having a presence in social media, it also allows you to advertise your business. Specifically, it gives you the ability to do two significant and influential things: specify and test. What is more, it allows you to do this at a highly affordable price. These factors combine to give you the opportunity to take your business to the highest levels possible.

If you are wondering what is so unique about specificity as it relates to the audience you are attempting to reach, your world is about to be rocked. Imagine being able to advertise and make sure that your message reaches only those people that are the most likely to buy from you. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. That is precisely what Facebook allows you to do. It gives you the capability of targeting with almost surgical precision the potential customers that are most in line with your product. As a result, you lose a lot less money with your advertising budget and gives you a high possibility of converting a lead into a sale.

Several Ad Campaigns

Another incredible function that Facebook allows is the ability to run several ad campaigns at the same time. This then allows you to try out multiple ideas to see which ones are getting the best reactions and interactions from potential customers. This means that you no longer need to guess what ad copy or design will get the best response. Instead, you can try them all and see what is working and do away with what isn’t working.

High ROI

An additional feature that Facebook allows is the capability of getting a high return on your investment. You can start with a super small investment and try out your ads. As mentioned above, testing makes the Facebook platform incredibly useful. However, if you couple that with a low cost of advertising and you will find an unstoppable combination that can make a serious difference in your business.

At this point, you might be wondering how you can go about getting started with Facebook. Consider the following tips to give you a good chance of success with Facebook.

  1. Build your audience carefully. Many business owners and managers out there are not paying enough attention to this step. They instead opt to use the audience Facebook suggests. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, you will, however, find a higher likelihood of getting a sale if you invest time into building a custom audience tailored to your brand.
  2. Create multiple ad variations. Build a few versions of the same promotion you want to put out there. The beauty of Facebook is that you can try almost anything to see what sticks. Once you discover which combination of ad copy and design works best, then you can invest more money into that tried and true ad.
  3. Use a small budget to start. Think about starting out with a $5 per day ad spend. Yes, that is small, but little is all you need to start out with. As we mentioned above, once you figure out what is working, then you can increase your daily spend. The beauty is that you can collect a lot of information from a $5 a day ad spend. Facebook gives you a ton of information from each ad campaign you create. For example, you might find that some ads are performing better with women than men. In this case, you can then retarget your ad towards women.

As you can tell, Facebook has a great deal of potential in promoting your business. If you have ever wondered how to get more likes on Facebook or dominate Facebook ads, you should spend some time researching online. If you take the time to learn this skill, you will have an advantage over your competitors.

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