Full Stack Development Course- To be an Independent Web Developer

What is Full stack development?

It refers to development of application at both front end and back end.  The development of website has layers

  • Presentation layer(front end layer),
  • Business Logic Layer(back-end layer) and
  • Database Layer

Full Stack Development Course

Companies prefer hiring web developers who are proficient in complete web development. Web developers who specialize in handling only front end, back-end or the database layer will not have a complete overview and outlook of the website. Every individual has one’s own opinion about the website outlook and the situation turns complex. A full stack web developer should be able to design, develop and make the database. There are institutes which offer complete web stack development course. Each course will teach different technologies, but these courses will constitute only a part of the web development process. A full stack web development course offers you various technologies required for development of web and gives a complete outlook of the website being worked on.A full stack web developer will have complete information about the know-how of the website. A Full Stack Development Course should offer subjects covering all the aspects offront-end, back-end, databases, debugging, testing, version control and other essentials. Each subject should be taught and trained in a detailed manner to be an expertise in the field. Ideally a course should offer theory, learning and practical application. Few institutes also offer live projects to get the best experience to work as a full stack developer.

Here are the technologies which a full stack developer should learn and get trained

  • Front end- HTML, JavaScript, J Query, HTML5, CSS3
  • Back-end- PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Angular2
  • Database- CouchDB, MySQL
  • Debugging – GIT, Grunt, Xdebug

The course starts with the basic training of the front end with HTML5, CSS3 to create simple applications which is followed by advanced technologies to develop interactive designs. Ruby on Rails and Node.js helps in coding complex server side applications. The course also offers subjects related to security and configuration of the server and host applications. Web development also involves email notifications and user authentication. Trouble shooting and debugging will also be a part of web development course.

Instituted offer the course making it user-friendly as videos, e-books, exercises and dummy website development. Sometimes the institutes have tie-ups with companies which offer live web development programs, which gives the candidates the true experience of working as a full stack web developer. Case studies and assignments helps in improving the skills and training required to work independently. The training institutes can also help in placements.

One can have bright career aspect as a Full Stack Web Developer with a graduate degree in hand and basic coding skills. A full stack web developer is in demand rather than one with only back-end or frontend web development. One can find a demanding job in Software development companies, Website development studios as a full stack web developer.

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