Orchid – A Symbol of Beauty and Luxury

Amidst all the ornamental flowers that exists, Orchids have their own significance.

There is something suave about Orchids, be it the color, the leaf like structure, the contrast, everything about them is special. Not only the appearance of the flower is different from the rest, but also its significance.

Orchids seem to have a historic Greek connection too. It is believed that in Greece, if a couple wanted a boy, the father of the unborn could eat the tubers of the Orchid to make this possible. This was certainly beyond Science; however, this displays the belief and the vitality of the flower in the Greek culture.

Today, Orchids are epitome of luxury and strength. When someone wants to impress his or her spouse, treat someone special, the first thing one thinks of is flowers. With the wonderful options available online, Orchids become the most sought-after flowers, primarily because of its ornamental beauty. You can send flowers to your wife on her very first birthday after marriage. Looking at the beauty and the luxury of the flower, she is bound to fall in love with you again. Not only that, when you give something to your wife after the wedding, you are helping her strengthen the bond and the belief in the institution of marriage.

Besides sending to your wife, you may also send Orchids flowers to your parents on their wedding anniversary. Gifting Orchids do not come with a condition whether the parents live with you or not. If they live with you, they will feel more respectful and if they don’t, they will be happy to see that you remember their special days. Each of these moments can be made special. The phone call saying, ‘Thank you’, after the parents receive the Orchids will bring happiness to you. Speaking to them will calm the worries, which you may have otherwise if they are not with you. These set of emotions become more visible when they are camouflaged with a bunch of flowers, and if they are Orchid, then it is icing on the cake.  It is usually the mothers who flaunt what their kids send them, so choose an online florist to send her the flowers, so she may flaunt the Orchid bunch in front of her set of friends which will make you see the child in her.

Sending Orchids through the florists in India to which ever place you are is now a plain sailing. So, no need to be worried or anxious if you are not able to reach for your anniversary, you may order a beautiful bunch of flowers and surprise your family with it. This will show how considerate you are for your family, as being miles away, you still remember to acknowledge the special days, no matter how old you are into the institution of marriage. This gesture will bring back the romance and the memories and you will see yourself recalling the glorious past. With these memories brought back, you will pledge to make every day special and hence, you will begin making extra efforts to bring the lost spark into your marriage.

Sending flowers as good wishes to the newly married couple is also a very nice idea. Carrying the flowers especially orchids as the wedding gift is a wonderful idea. Orchids make their own place, so you can wish someone the grand way by carrying orchids for their wedding. Even if you are somewhere abroad, all the florists in India will be ready to deliver your order. So choose a reliable online florist and make someone’s day beautiful.

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