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The 21st century has seen a lot of technological advancements, some of which were very important considering the kind of advanced society we live in. Technology has entered almost every working sphere you can name, be it Business, Office, Media, Factory or Education. We can all name countless reasons why technology has been embraced by mankind as a learning tool or as a working tool. Whether we like it or not technology is everywhere. Looking at the present trend it is clearly visible that education is one field which has had an increased hike in technological utility. For example, have you ever thought what would be the condition of our students in the current scenario if there was no option of online classes? There would have been a learning stagnation across our country. However, this E-Learning revolution has not popped up all of a sudden, a lot of work had been going on since 2010 with the introduction of the first smart class. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that people have always had a notion that a time would come when online classes will replace traditional learning. Hence, with this idea, they never stopped working on this domain. Alongside e-learning, educational tools like ExamWiki by Exambazaar are helping students with their studies and goal orientation. They have been helping students by giving the correct direction to a student career.

What is the Importance of Educational Tools?

Educational Tools are aids which help teachers demonstrate and impart education to their students via digital solutions. For example, educational tools such as coding for kids and smart classes have helped the teachers to demonstrate visuals regarding the topics they want to cover in class. These visual demonstrations help the students in developing an idea of what they are studying instead of just mugging the syllabus. Medical students preparing for their exams have a paper dedicated to visual based questions. This shows how potent they are. Another example here can be Examwiki which I mentioned above, it is a unique tool developed by Exambazaar which allows students to get a knowledge about which exams they are eligible for. The only thing a student has to do is fill in his educational qualifications and voila! You would be presented with a list of examinations you are eligible for within India.

The importance of Educational Tools also roots from the demand it has generated amongst teachers and students. Technology has been implemented through school life which in return has turned students into “digital natives”. Technology not only helps them learn better but also teaches them how to multi task. These are just the tip on the ice berg. Given below are few of the benefits that Educational Tools bring along with them.

Benefits of Educational Tools

Educational tools have in a way revolutionized the whole education system. In India, the new education policy is also influenced by technological advancements. Therefore, it is safe to say that Educational tools have given a new dimension to the whole learning process.

The educational market is flooded with different tools these days. Each one of which serve a different purpose like EQAD (Exam Question A Day), CA Newsletter (current affairs) these are tools developed for students. All that a student needs to do is choose their examination, subject and then every day they would receive a unique question related to the subject. These forms of features enable students to practice out of the box questions every-day. Accordingly, you can see how these kinds of educational tools are helping students and digitalizing their learning experience.

Other than this are a lot of benefits that Educational tools have been providing some of which are:

Replacement of Traditional Learning

Gone are the days when a single teacher used to lead a whole class of 50-60 students. There were a lot of pitfalls in this traditional way of imparting education which is now being filled by the educational tools. However, this is a horrible notion that classroom learning and educational tools cannot go hand in hand. We can just make some changes in the way of learning but can never replace the classroom learning forever; it has its own merits such as collective learning, group studies, guest lectures with professional living across the globe etc. Educational tools can aid the pace of learning, widen the reach of good educators.

Helps in making student Tech-Savvy

The world is moving in a direction where the students who are more tech-savvy will be given preference over others these students would be referred “digital native”. Also in the future there would be more demand for students who have better problem-solving skills, and who are able to grasp new technological inventions. Hence, it is very important that students are introduced to the educational tools at a younger age. This can be done by incorporating educational tools and digital solutions in their curriculum from a younger age.

Information Sharing turned Easier

Open learning is in vogue these days, there was a time when for best engineering coaching students would flock to Kota. That was evident from the fact that indeed Kota had the best faculty when it comes to IIT preparation. However, digital learning has reversed the whole process; now a student can get access to learn from the best faculty of Kota even if he is sitting in a small town of Bihar. This has been possible with the help of connected learning, which is the agenda of the educational tool.

Boosts Self-Confidence amongst Students

Educational Tools, while giving the students a different learning experience also makes them technology-friendly. They start exploring different ways of learning, go after different sources for information all by themselves. This kind of research activities helps them in developing thinking skills which in turn increases their efficiency and productivity. Enhanced productivity here can also have linked to increased self-confidence which is very important to thrive in this modern competitive world.

E-learning and educational tools have a lot of potential which has not been completely unlocked by students or the educational institutes. They can do this by first realizing their requirements and then investing in those tools that will make the teaching as well as the learning experience for both teacher and students extraordinary. These educational tools are essential if we want to break down the educational barriers like, cost, place, accessibility and flexibility for classes. The more me learn the more we gain, therefore, educational tools make the entire cycle of learning a fun ride!

Author: Silki Joshi
Aspiring Banker and Blogger

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