How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency?

Along with the increasingly popular communication trend on social networks, digital marketing has become an indispensable part of a business’s marketing strategy, thanks to its low cost and strong coverage to the target audience. selective use.

However, not every company has a team of digital marketing experts. For companies whether large or small, outsourcing an agency for digital marketing strategies is the best solution, although this is not an easy task. When the market has countless agencies offering the same digital marketing service at a variety of prices, it is not easy to find an agency that suits your business both in terms of quality and price.

Normally, businesses want to outsource digital marketing, there will be 2 options. 1 is outsourcing traditional Digital marketing or implementing Affiliate marketing channels. This article will compare these two forms so that businesses can make their own choices.

Especially in businesses that are in the expansion stage, the desire to have a low-cost and resource-saving marketing solution is always a matter of survival. Businesses can easily overlook many criteria when choosing a service provider, as long as they offer low prices and an unverified commitment to service quality. From website development to search engine optimization, PPC, or selling virtual likes, many digital companies are ready to scams to take money from customers without giving any real results.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency is a company that provides marketing communication and advertising services such as online marketing, email marketing, website design… for other companies. Today, agencies have expanded their fields, especially into two areas, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

An agency can be understood simply as a unit that provides marketing and advertising services for other companies in a professional manner. In the 4Ps of Marketing (Product – Price – Place – Promotion), manufacturing companies will usually focus on the first 3Ps, Product – Price – Distribution and the last P (Marketing) will hire agencies to do.

The agency has 4 main functions including promoting the brand of the client’s business; Promoting products/services; Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing: social networks, websites, blogging, etc.

Is building an Affiliate program outsourced?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing (affiliate marketing) is a form of performance-based marketing (Performance Marketing) under the CPA (Cost per Action) model, whereby suppliers/customers only pay fees based on each successful action. of users such as purchase, fill in the information.

Simply put, when applying affiliate marketing, businesses will hire hundreds of thousands of agencies to promote their products. The only difference is that, with affiliates, you only pay a fee when an order is placed, a conversion is recorded.

When does a business need an Affiliate Marketing solution?

Recently, the terms ROI (return on investment), Performance Marketing are being mentioned a lot by Marketers, CMOs, or CEOs. More and more businesses are interested in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, what does 1 advertising/marketing coin get? Will such a large number of likes, comments, and views help businesses grow new customers and revenue? How to measure tracking?

In addition to doing branding through media networks, or building an in-house marketing team to implement marketing campaigns, businesses, if they are in a period of strong growth, are interested in efficiency, can use the channel. affiliate to ensure the best campaign performance.

How businesses apply affiliate marketing

Businesses have 2 options to deploy their affiliate program. Firstly, advertisers can develop or buy an affiliate platform and manage it on their hosting or lease it from different providers. ScaleF is one such product.

Second, businesses can cooperate with Affiliate networks. The network will act as an Affiliate tracking platform. In Vietnam, the famous Affiliate networks can be mentioned as ACCESSTRADE,…

Both of the above options work on the same principle of creating and tracking separate IDs assigned to each banner or affiliate link. Every time the Publisher’s affiliate link leading to the Advertiser’s website is clicked, the Affiliate network will track and notify the Publisher that there are visitors. Meanwhile, the Advertiser’s order processing department is also integrated with the network to know when a customer from the Publisher completes an order.

Four Notes when businesses decide to choose the form of outsourcing marketing (Agency)

Review the agency selection process

Start with a Google search of each service provider candidate. First, check out the agency’s self-image on its own media channels and websites. Do you see any paid ads mentioning them? How is the SEO on their website?

When searching for agencies, don’t forget to look for accompanying keywords like “scam” or “fraud,” and be careful when you find results that show a negative customer reaction to them. Alternatively, use the contact form on the website when you first approach the agency, followed by a follow-up call and prepared questions. This will let you experience their customer service, even if you haven’t worked with them in person.

Don’t forget to ask questions about the workflow, and find out if your agency outsources any work, if any, to any partners and jobs?

Check agency credibility

Let’s start with the experience of the agency executive team. Some new agencies may have limited experience, but their executive team may be different. Then dig deeper: What award has this agency won? Are their customers listed, and if so, are there any proofs of their products published on the site? Have they appeared in any digital marketing publications, magazines, or media sites? The more insights and positive responses you can get from this question, the more affirmation of the agency’s products and services.

Request a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly report

If an agency doesn’t provide any reports, beware. With Google Analytics, the agency can track everything from web traffic to transactions made through your ads or your website. Reporting is the minimum standard for all companies. If the reporting item is not listed in the service provider table, ask for it. The report’s objective data helps prevent scams, even if you get unexpected results.

Give clear warnings

Just like the contract recommended by the agency, you should do the same as a client. This way, your company won’t have to deal with troubles like agency delivery late or overspending advertising budget on Google AdWords or Facebook. If necessary, you can ask to include some extra provisions in the contract to protect the company from losing money if something goes wrong.


When a business has chosen to outsource marketing, whether it is choosing a traditional digital marketing agency or an Affiliate marketing channel, it has its advantages and disadvantages. As each stage of the business decision will be different, it is important for business owners to know which channels will work.

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