All you Need to Know about your Baby’s Eye Color

 Oh look he has got green eyes.

Squealed the excited aunt from across the room. This is the scenario of every household where a newborn has just made an entry. From the shape of the nose, the color of eyes, and every minute detail a newborn is scanned by families far better than any security scan would ever do. Especially eye color is a matter of interest for parents and relatives alike.

 Like many other moms who want kids with green and blue eyes I also searched tips and listened keenly to research but nothing seemed to work. Digging deeper i knew that there is much to eye color of a baby than just how it appears. If you want to know more this article is for you.

How is Eye Color Formed?

Eye colors can be blue, grey, green, brown, hazel, black, and their variants. But what might surprise you is the fact that a baby’s eye color varies over many shades over the initial few months to her first birthday. In some rare cases, the eye color may keep changing through adulthood as well.

We talked about this with eye specialists. We knew that when a baby is born his eyes may seem greyish blue or brown but this tends to change.

The pigment-producing cells in the eyes are activated when light hits them. These cells called melanocytes produce pigment where ever needed in the body.

If there is too little melanin produced your baby’s eye color will be blue, however green and hazel eye colors mean a bit more production of pigment. The brown color shows a maximum production of melanin.

What is the Role of Genetics?

There are as many as 15 genes recognized so far that may influence eye color in humans. Out of these only two are well understood. Based on what studies say till now it can be said that dark eyes parents are likely to have dark eyes kids. However, blue eyes are also seen in kids of brown eyes parents. The same goes for parents with blue eyes.

Are Dark Eyes Stronger as Compared to Light Colored Eyes

Scientists have observed that people with brown have lower light sensitivity and photophobia compared to those with brown eyes. Also, people with brown eyes fell less eye tiredness due to sunlight.

You have to keep an eye on your children regardless of their eye color. If they show signs of eye fatigue and tiredness it is time to

limit their exposure to the sun.

Baby Eye Care

Know that your baby’s eyes are very sensitive. You may witness a fluid discharge in the first few days of her life. Wipe it off with a warm cotton ball.

Resist the urge to wipe the baby’s eyes again and again. Always touch him with clean and washed hands. Take care of what you place near him and what he plays with. Lack of muscle control in babies can cause serious eye injuries.

It is common to notice some squint in the first few months. If you notice this beyond three months visit your pediatrician. You can also consult with a pediatrician by visiting

In a nutshell, we can say that

The eye color of newborns cannot be predicted by the eye color of their parents. This is because eye hue is a polygenic trait.

Let us know what color you wanted for your baby’s eyes? Do any one of you had a baby with rare eye color? Share some advice you got regarding baby’s eye color.

It is common to come across things like “Eat this and you will have a baby with colored eyes and so…”Share what was the most valuable suggestion given to you regarding eye color of baby when you were expecting!

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