Applying 2021 Design Trends in Restaurant Industry

With the coronavirus situation going on many of the restaurants had been forced to shut down in 2020, but this year in 2021 every business is slowing trying to open up, and so are the restaurants. But keeping in mind that the pandemic is still not over there are some new designs that are being implied in order to start opening up the restaurants all the while following the norms of social distancing. And these changes that are going to take place starts from the very entrance of the restaurants, to changed restaurant menu designer and even different kitchen guidelines.

So, in this article we are going to look at the 2021 design trends that are being applied in restaurants for the smooth and easy working of the restaurants all the while keeping the current situation in mind.

  1. Entry way

The changes and the new trends for 2021 in the restaurants starts from the very entrance of the restaurants, and it includes full body sanitization at the very entrance of the restaurant, they have also incorporated sensors-based doors which basically means that the customers or even the staff will not have to push or pull the door to open it rather they will not even have to touch the door, the doors will now automatically open once it senses any presence of a human being. Along with that there will be markings on the floor to indicate where exactly to stand to follow social distancing rules, people will now not be allowed to stand too close to each other.

Not only that the reservation desk or the payment counter will now also have a fibre glass in front of it to reduce the amount of contact with other people. And even the person sitting on the counter has to sanitize every ten or so minutes so as to maintain a sanitised and safe environment.

  1. Online ordering

Restaurants now prefer that the customers order through their mobile app so as to reduce contact and they still prefer take outs and many restaurants have now also introduced drive through’s that were previously not there. Now in order to make an online mobile app the restaurants also have to hire new restaurant menu designer who knows exactly how to create an interactive and self-explanatory menu card for the ease of the customers.

Now the question may arise where do they find a menu designer? The answer is easy with the modifications coming into use there are many designers waiting for a job, all the owner of the restaurant has to do is type in restaurant menu designer near me’ in their search engine an a thousand of restaurant menu designer will pop up.

  1. Pick-up service

Now that the customers can order online through a mobile app the restaurants also include a notification system in their mobile app itself and along with that, they will also create specific pick-up zone where the customers can park their car and wait for their order to be prepared.  And once the app notifies the customer when their order is ready, they can come out of their vehicle and receive their food without much contact with any other people.

  1. Seating

Now the customers who prefer to sit and eat in the restaurant will be seated away from each other so as to still maintain safe social distancing. The restaurants will also prefer that their customers choose to sit outside in the open as it reduces the risk. Because if one sits in a closed environment the air circulates within the area and might create a little risk. Hence, sitting outside in open or on rooftops is more advisable.

  1. Ordering

Now even when a customer opts to sit in the restaurant to eat, they will not have to use a reusable menu or even a one time use paper menu. Most restaurants will now accommodate QR codes that once the customers scan, they can easily access the online menu cards and order without any other human contact and they can even pay via online payment methods instead of cash so as to eliminate all kinds of human contact.

Now the restaurants can find many menu designers at their finger tips all they will have to do is search restaurant menu designer near me’ and they will find multiple options to choose from, and once they decide that the like some designer and they are reliable, the restaurant can ask the designer to create a fun, interesting and interactive online menu card for the customers to use and they are done. Now all the work will be done by the designer and all the restaurant has to do is approve of the design and the overall product and its done.

And along with online ordering, all the restaurants are going to stop the option of self-serving and even buffet system so as to reduce the risk. All foods and orders will be brought to the table by the staff members, who will once again maintain a totally sanitized environment by sanitising every 10 minutes or so and also after bringing each order to their respective tables.

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