Create New Mac Partition to enjoy better Mac performance

After certain usage over time, its quite obvious that your hard drive becomes full and Mac performance deteriorates. Partitioning affects overall Mac performance and optimize the hard drive performance. It is basically used for optimization purpose or if you want to use another operating system on Mac OS X. For any of the above situations, you need to create separate partition in a Mac hard drive. Using Mac partition software is perhaps the best and efficient tool to create new partition.

However, there are two distinct method to create new partition in Mac. One is to use Boot camp assistant which is used to set up new windows in Mac OS and other one is to use Disk utility feature of Mac OS. However, before using Disk utility, make sure that you have full backup of your drive otherwise there may be serious data loss situations.

To create a new partition using Disk utility, follow below mentioned steps:

  • Launch the disk utility from utilities folder
  • Select the hard drive that you want to partition
  • Click on partition button
  • Click on plus button to add new partition
  • Specify name for new partition and specify the files system type, size and number of partitions
  • Click Apply to create new partition

Although disk utility tool is easy to use and efficient but many user still don’t find disk utility tool a friendly application for Mac partitioning. Beside sometimes this tool shows error message while creating new partition. Therefore, best alternative is to use third party Mac partition software for partitioning Mac volumes efficiently.

Partition Magic Mac is a simple and easy-to-use software for creating new partition on Mac hard drive. Moreover, software also allows you to create boot disk using which you can create partitions on to startup volume. The software helps you create, resize, delete, format, hide and reveal partitions. It is also capable to perform batch operations and thus preventing the risk of data loss. The software is compatible with all latest versions of Mac

Download Disk Partition Software for Mac to enhance Mac performance

Partitioning a disk on Mac OS X gives you more space to backing up of your files along with the flexibility of running different operating system like Windows, Linux and other installation of the Mac OS on same system. If you running sort of free hard disk space or having any kind of programming conflict issues then Mac partitioning is perfect option for you. It is a great way to keep your files more organized and to keep problems isolated from other parts of the hard drive. After Mac disk partition, you will experience faster computer speed with fewer conflicts. But for this, you require an efficient disk partition software for Mac.

However, for partitioning a drive in Mac OS X, you have two options. You can use built-in-software i.e. disk utility that contains basic functionalities or you can go for more advanced option like third part disk partition software for Mac.

To use disk utility tool, switch to the application folder and select disk utilities which is located under the “utilities” folder. Once the application loads, select the disk that you want to partition and click on partition button. After that select the number of partition that you want to create and resize them in to the proper size. However, disk utility tool has certain limitations and sometimes you may encounter error message while using disk utility tool for Mac partition.

This tool does not support large number of file system and also there is possibility data loss. Alternative to this, disk partition software for Mac is perfect option. Mac disk partition software is the best utility for partitioning Mac and to optimize the hard drive performance. The software helps you to create, format, delete, hide, reveal, resize disk volume on your Mac hard drive.

The software contains many unique features such as shift and resize option using which you can resize the partition and can add multiple free space to create new partitions. It supports HFS, HFS+ and NTFS volume partition and is capable of repartitioning the disk without formatting. It comes with easy-to-use interface and is compatible with all Mac versions. The tool is designed with highly sophisticated algorithm perform task completely and effectively.Some of the prominent features of the tool are:

  • There is no need to format drive to resize partition.
  • It executes multiple partitioning tasks simultaneously.
  • It facilitates formatting, resizing and deleting an existing Mac partition.
  • It optimizes performance of Mac drives.
  • It allows you to rollback the changes which were made accidentally before committing changes.
  • The Mac partition tool is compatible with Mac OS 10.3.9 and above. It is the best tool to partition Mac drives into separate volumes and increase its overall performance.
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