5 Benefits of Sending Your Child to a Religious School

School has a huge influence on child development. As well as providing your child with a structured education, school promotes the mental and psychological growth of a child. At school, children will learn many valuable skills alongside their learning academics, such as good manners, sharing, unity, responsibility and teamwork. Your child will spend the majority of their youth in school. This means that it will have a huge influence on a child’s behavior and personality, as well as their future. All of these factors mean that the school you choose for your child is extremely important. There are many benefits associated with sending your children to a religious school and today, we will be taking a look into 5 of them.

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High Academic Standards

Religious schools tend to offer their students better quality academics than a public school. Many institutes offer an integrated curriculum or a dual-curriculum model, which is where the students who attend the school have a thorough general study timetable, plus classes or time for religious prayer and instruction. This allows students to learn, while developing their own sense of identity.

Same Sex Education

Many religious schools offer single-sex education, which comes with a number of advantages for your child socially and academically. Research suggests that children who attend single-sex schools have more self-confidence, are more willing to try new things and have a higher level of achievement. If you want to see what a single-sex religious school has to offer, then take a look at visitation.net.

Sense of Community

Students who study in a faith-based school tend to have religion as a foundation for building friendships once they are enrolled. You will also have a similar foundation with other parents at the school. This will allow you to get familiar with your children’s social circle, which allows you to see how they influence them. Building relationships with adults is key to creating lifelong bonds.

Offers More Stability

Children thrive in a stable environment and religious education facilities provide their students with a level of stability that other schools don’t. When children attend the same school from a young age, up until high school, they will feel more comfortable in their learning environment, and will feel like they are part of a ‘family,’ rather than just a school. This kind of comfort for your child is priceless.

Daily Religious Exposure

In public schools, religious education classes tend to occur once a week. However, in a religious school, your child will be exposed to religion on a daily basis. Religious teachings will be combined with academics, and vice versa. This will give your child a strong and unique understanding of their faith, issues of moral, ethical responsibilities and moral, as well as other topics of religious importance.

As you can see, a religious education will provide a number of other advantages to your children, as well as a strong sense of faith. All of these advantages will allow your children to thrive, learn and grow in their school environment, which will have a positive and inspiring impact on their future.

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