How to learn a general transcription?

There are different kinds of sectors that one can get to experience in the areas of transcription. Legal transcription, medical transcription, and general transcription are some of the main categories that the transcription world has been divided into.

Amongst all the three categories, a lot of people find it extremely convenient to start the career as a freelance transcription is in the general transcription sector. There are a lot of Freelance transcription jobs at dormzi that one can find in the areas of general transcription. General Transcription is an area that would be mainly focusing on the audio files that are to be converted into documents, and it does not require a lot of technical skills like the other categories of transcriptions do.

If you are aware of legal concepts, it becomes easy for you to transcribe the files easily but, that does not mean a person without knowledge on law must try their hands in the forte. They could try to if they have an eye for detail and flair for understanding the terminologies related to law.

A medical transcriptionist might predominantly be working with people that are part of the medical field. Doctors would be the main clients for medical transcriptionists, and unless and until they understand a few medical jargons, things might fail to work the way they expect it to happen.

General transcription is easy. However, there are certain skill sets that are required to carry out the assignments even in this category. Hence, it becomes easy to find assignments if you focus on these things. In order to become one of the best transcribers and start attracting a lot of clients, you can simply click here to know more.

The below-mentioned points in the article are going to elaborate on some of those important steps that a General transcriptionist must develop without fail.

Practising with audio files


It is mandatory to listen to a lot of audio files and start understanding the intonation, speed of the words, the pace of the speaker, and also the tone. Along with all these things, it is also important to pick up on the accent. When you’re practising with the audio files, it is mandatory that you start working with files that belong to people from various regions.

As a General transcriptionist, you will be getting clients that are based out of different locations, and they all would all come with different accents. Unless and until you focus upon the words easily, it becomes difficult for you to type them and convert them into texts.

Start working on your typing

As you start listening to the audio files, it is also important that you start developing your typing skills in parallel. Remember to invest in a good headset and as you listen to the audio files, start typing them and converting them into text in order to get the hang of the general transcription method.

Focus on general knowledge

Another important aspect that every general transcription must focus on is to expand their skills and general knowledge. The assignment that you receive can be based on different kinds of topics, and it is mandatory that you have good general knowledge and researching skills. As you get the audio files, it becomes easy for you to type only when you have complete knowledge about the topic beforehand.

Start introducing yourself into some applications

There are a lot of typing applications that you can actually start learning when you plan to become a freelance transcriptionist. Some of the clients might have their own typing application, and there would be a couple of days training given to you in order to make you understand regarding the features of the application. However, a majority of clients would depend upon Microsoft word or word processor to get all the audio files converted. Therefore, having complete knowledge about these applications can be an added advantage to a general transcriptionist.

It is good to enrol yourself into a grammar course

If you’re planning to become a General transcription is it is an amazing plan to enrol yourself into a grammar course and brush your knowledge on grammar. When you start converting the files, it is important to make the necessary punctuation, and other corrections related to grammar. If you are slightly weak on all these aspects enrolling yourself into a crash course on grammar can be a fantastic idea.

Keep practising and focus on accuracy

The more you practice on all your skills, the better transcriptionist you become. The number of assignments that you can do is completely dependent upon the typing skills and accuracy that you have.

These are some of the most important things that can help you to become an amazing general transcriptionist and expand your wings in the freelance industry quickly.

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