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Let’s be honest, we’re all Amazon shoppers. I mean, really, how many of us have never used Amazon for our online shopping needs? Amazon is fast, reliable, and efficient. Packages are delivered quickly, returns are easy, and you can get anything from practically anywhere. It’s not called the e-commerce giant without reason. With all the inconvenience that Amazon brings, customer service is one of them. Let’s look at the different ways you can reach Amazon for customer service, specifically, calling the Amazon phone number.

Contacting Amazon: Amazon Phone Number

Most industry giants have an efficient and large customer service team to keep customers satisfied. This includes providing various channels of communication to manage high volume calls. Customers generally prefer calling a company to speak with a person in real-time to resolve an issue or get information. And so, calling the Amazon phone number is one of the most preferred methods of contact.

Amazon uses a toll free number (888) 280-4331 for this purpose. This number probably utilizes international call forwarding to ensure calls are always answered. Because of this, even though the caller and recipient may be located in different cities, states, or countries, the toll free number doesn’t charge the caller any long-distance fees.

You can call this Amazon phone number directly for quick responses 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. However, you need to have an Amazon account with a phone linked to it. This is because the Amazon rep will ask you to verify your account with a verification code via text message. This process can be made easier by linking your phone number with your Amazon account beforehand. To add your mobile number to your Amazon account:

  • 1: Open Amazon on your webpage.
  • 2: Hover over “Your Account” on the top left, and then go to “Your Account.”
  • 3: Then, select “Login & Security.”
  • 4: Next, type in your preferred number under “Mobile Phone Number.”
  • 5: Click “Done.”

Once your number and account are verified, you can continue with your question, issue, or concern, and they will help you.

How Else Can I Connect With Amazon to Fix Issues?

Self-Service: Besides calling the Amazon phone number, you can reach Amazon through different options to get help with your order. Look for the “Let Us Help You” options at the bottom right of their webpage. Clicking any option here will direct you to their “Help & Customer Service” page. Then, browse through the categories to see where your question or issue lies.

Chat: If none of these categories apply to you or are helpful, select “Need More Help?” and then select “Contact Us.” This will take you to their chat where you interact with a bot to resolve your issue. If your issue still persists, the bot will connect you to a human. On the same page under the “Start Chatting Now” button, you will see the option “Need help over the phone? We can call you.” Follow the prompts to have a rep contact you.

If you are using the app, select “Customer Service” from the menu. Then, browse through the categories to see where your question or issue lies. If you cannot find the right category and need more help, scroll to the bottom and tap “Contact Us.” Click on “Chat with us” or “Call us” to interact with a customer service rep.

Email: You can also contact Amazon through their email account. For issues with the account or billing processes, email [email protected]. However, for general inquiries and questions, email [email protected].

Need Help from Amazon? Call (888) 280-4331

While all means of contact are efficient, there’s nothing like calling and speaking with a human to have your question answered accurately. So pick up the phone and get calling!

This article was written by United World Telecom, a call forwarding provider offering virtual, local, international, and toll free numbers for businesses.

Author Name: Meryl D’Sa

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