A comprehensive guide for the service of Internet by Charter Spectrum

Charter spectrum is known to provide 20 times faster internet service as compared to traditional DSL. With over 2 million users, Charter is known to be one of the largest cable service providers in the US. As per the annual report of FCC, Spectrum Internet services have beaten the Internet services from other providers like Comcast and Cox. As per the report, the download and upload speed of Spectrum Internet is faster than other leading Internet Providers.

Besides the best Internet service, Charter Spectrum also provides two other services that work as better as the Internet. These services are for phone and Cable TV. In this content, you are going to learn all about Spectrum Internet.

What is Spectrum?

Spectrum is the famous brand name for Internet, Cable and Phone services. Back in 2016, a renowned cable company known as Charter bought time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.  Despite having a brand name, Time Warner Cable always comes last when it came to customer satisfaction. Unlike time warner cable, the bright house network has excellent service but no reputation. Charters, on the other hand, bought and merged these two companies and named them Spectrum. Spectrum is faster than the offerings made by AT&T and Verizon. With its far end coverage more and more people can access it even in the areas where no other cable company covers. Charter Spectrum has made its name regarding the best customer service.

Facts about Spectrum Internet

Following are some of the facts regarding spectrum internet that will help you in making your mind for this fantastic service:

•    Inbuilt Protection software

Internet is getting insecure with each passing day. In fact it has become quite easy for hackers to hack your system and hog on all your personal information. Your system is also prone to Malware like viruses and Trojans etc. Charter Spectrum Internet comes with inbuilt security software called as “Security Suite” this allows you to browse safe without catching any form of malware. All the updates of software get installed automatically. This Software also provides a parental control feature which gives the Parents full control of the content that is being accessed on different connected devices.

•    No contracts:

Most of the ISP requires their user to sign up a complicated agreement that snatches away User’s liberty of cutting the cord whenever they like. If you are under a contract and want to terminate the Internet service, then you are expected to pay an early termination fee of the provider. Spectrum on other hand doesn’t believe on contract policy and doesn’t grope its users in any agreement. No just that, Spectrum is also willing to buy out your old contracts up to $500.

•    The fastest internet connection

Spectrum Internet is famous because of its super-fast speed.  Most other providers give lesser Internet speed from what they advertise. Spectrum on the other hand provides its user with 100Mbps starting Internet Speed. In fact, by the end of 2018, users can enjoy 1Gbps speed in all 41 states. So download, stream, and play games online without facing latency and lagging in the performance of Internet.

•    Free modem

Most of the other Internet providers require you to pay an additional fee for the modem in each monthly bill that does nothing but viciously increases your monthly bill fees. Spectrum on the other hand provides its user with free modem on the package subscription.

•    No data checkpoints

Almost every Internet Service providers gives its user a specific data limit to enjoy the service. Once you exceed that limit, the provider start to charge you more and also seize the speed of internet. The Charter internet comes with zero data caps which means you can use as much data as you want and you will not be charged extra even if you go off-board. Users get a standard bill each month once they select any one out of the 3 Triple, double or Single Play packages.

•    Speed test:

Whenever you are unsure about the speed of the internet connection, you can check the speed with online speed testing application. The test software gives you information on both the downloading and uploading speed of your internet connection. It is highly desirable that you connect your laptop to the computer with an Ethernet before conducting the test for obtaining best results. The speed that you get while connected with the Wi-Fi is lesser or not valid as it depends on the quality of the Wi-Fi signals. Visit the website and test your internet connection now.

•    Installation:

When Internet service is bundled with the Spectrum Cable TV service, the company doesn’t charge the subscriber with any installation fee. Otherwise if you are just reaching for the Internet service then you are required to pay $35.

•    Tech Support

For your assistance, our teams of customer service representatives are willing to sort out your issue 24/7. Whether it is an outage issue, Wi-Fi password problems or any other query feel free to call on the toll free Customer care number or visit our nearby store location for further assistance.

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