Healing Through Music In The Most Organic Manner

Humm.ly is an app that allows its users to access a range of music that’s more than just entertainment. Humm.ly utilizes music therapy principles to provide music that addresses psychological wellbeing. Since the 1940s, music therapy has been extensively used in clinical settings, such as hospitals and retirement homes, to improve the mental and physical conditions of thousands of people. The iso-principle and entrainment are two of the evidenced-based music therapy techniques Humm.ly utilizes in its content to support people in achieving healthier outcomes. Research from the field of music therapy supports positive health outcomes, such as physical relaxation and anxiety reduction.

The recordings available on Humm.ly are curated by board-certified music therapists (MT-BCs), nationally credentialed professionals who have earned at least a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy, completed a 1,040-hour internship, and passed a comprehensive board exam. With only 7,000 music therapists nationwide, it may be challenging to locate a certified professional in your area. However, with Humm.ly, anyone can access content created, reviewed, and approved by music therapists.

Humm.ly can be customized to address each user’s specific needs, such as stress reduction, relaxation for sleep, and motivation. The app provides a variety of healing music, each episode focusing on a different topic. With Humm.ly, you can choose specific music intended for your personal wellness goals. It’s healing through music at your fingertips.

Humm.ly music heals through the following unique features.

1. Organization and Design

The app features five categories for its 100+ episodes: wellness, relationships, the workplace, guided imagery, and ASMR. With its simple and easy-to-use design, Humm.ly provides a beautiful interface for all of your wellness needs.

2. Timing

Each Humm.ly episode varies in length, so people with busy lifestyles can access content that fits with their schedule. There is a wide variety of music under ten minutes long, and since every episode is accessible through the Humm.ly app on your mobile phone, all of the music is immediately available.

3. Music Therapy

Humm.ly is the only app available that provides content created and approved by board-certified music therapists. Additionally, Humm.ly supports music therapists nationwide through its sponsorship with the American Music Therapy Association. No other wellness app educates its users about the power of clinical music therapy while simultaneously providing music for healing through content grounded in research from the field of music therapy.

4. Mobility

With Humm.ly in your pocket, you can listen to episodes anywhere. Whether you’re at work, on public transportation, or in bed, Humm.ly can immediately meet your needs in any environment.

5. Customize Your Sound

The Humm.ly app empowers users to find a comfortable sound. With every episode, you can adjust the ratio between background music, narration, and reverb effects to provide fully personalized listening experiences.

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