Top 3 tools to help you in your assignments

Research assignments can actually increase the stress levels of the most competent students. In most cases, assignments have to be completed along with the daily academic tasks so it is an additional pressure. Students have to balance their day to day classes, research submissions along with the assignments.

How do you start working on assignments?

Content research is the first phase which students have to complete. According to the topic, you would look for research material and then filter it according to specific needs. After a tiring content research, students have to complete the rigorous paraphrasing task. Going through paraphrasing manually is obviously very cumbersome. You have to read every written chapter and then rephrase it. An easier option is using an online paraphrasing tool.

Are you selecting the correct paraphrasing tool?

It is a good alternative to use a paraphrasing tool but one has to be careful about the selection he makes. The internet is full of paraphrasing tool and countless links are displayed on the screen when the user searches for them. Can you select any tool randomly or should a careful approach be adopted by the user?

Randomly selecting a paraphrasing tool is obviously not the correct way. You need to be careful and select a tool that works well. Check the features of the tool and then decide whether you should opt for it or not. Other than that, the SEO rank and reputation would also give you an insight.

If you want to consider the top paraphrasing tools, check the three options listed below.

1.     Quillbot Paraphrasing tool

Quillbot is an online paraphrasing tool that allows you to paraphrase 700 characters for free. You must go for the premium version if you need to get large chunks of content paraphrased without putting in effort yourself.

Let us have a look at the steps you have to perform to use.

  • The first step is uploading the content which you need to paraphrase. Here, you have to paste the content as text.
  • The second step is to select the required paraphrasing mode. Three modes are available for free users while 05 modes are available for premium users.
  • The third step is paraphrasing the content. Click the button “Quill” for paraphrasing the content and it would be reworded.

Appropriate for research professionals

Research professionals have to search for information on a particular topic and then rewrite it. Consider that you have to carry out a research on financial management. Once you have sufficient material according to relevant scope, move on to the paraphrasing stage.

One option to rewrite the content is reading each line and then rephrasing it. However, research assignments do not comprise of one or two lines only. They are detailed submissions and reading each line is very much out of the question.

This paraphrasing tool is a suitable alternative as it completes the rewriting tasks with accuracy and no errors are made. It is important to remember that even a slight mistake with paraphrasing can cause major problems.

2.     AI Article Spinner – Paraphrasing tool

Every free paraphrasing tool does not lack quality and this is a related example. You do not have to pay anything for using this online tool. Bloggers, students and academic writing professionals opt for free tools so that they do not have to suffer financially. If you are looking for quality paraphrasing soft wares, most of them would offer paid versions only.

Free tools are available but they have quality concerns. It is not an easy task to find a good paraphrasing tool which does not cost anything. This tool is a high quality option. Thus, instead of searching for different options online, using it would be a time saving alternative.

Who are the potential users?

The paraphrasing tool comes in handy for users who have to produce content in any form.

A web content writer has to create content for his respective website. He gathers thoughts and ideas from various websites, journals, portals and other sources. When he has sufficient material, it is paraphrased and then published on the website.

Why is paraphrasing so important?

When you are using content that does not belong to you, it cannot be used in its current form. You need to paraphrase it so that no plagiarism problems have to be faced.

This tool is useful for bloggers, professional research writers, article writers and corporate professionals working on business reports.

Usage does not depend on technical skill of users

Some software tools are quite complex and their usage depends on whether the user is technically up to the mark or not. This restriction is not applied with all tools. For instance, if you are using this paraphrasing tool, the technical skills you have do not make a difference. This tool is quite simple and any user can use it without facing hardships.

Most users prefer such tools as they have easy options. As a user, you would not want to struggle while using the tool. No such problems would be experienced if you are using this paraphrasing software.

3.     The paraphrasing tool by Rewritertools

College students have to work on various daily assignments as well as final year term paper submissions. Before submitting any paper for grading purposes, content originality has to be checked at all times. This paraphrasing tool is a good online alternative that rewrites the content instantly.

  • This tool has two text boxes which are shown when the interface loads. In the text box on the left, you have to paste the source content. This is the actual content which needs to be rewritten.
  • The right sided text box is for displaying the output text. When you click the “start” button, the source text would be rewritten.

A much faster way out than manual rewording

Manual rewriting is not something you can do by spending few minutes. When you are using this alternative, a lot of time would be needed for paraphrasing.  As this paraphrasing tool uses automated processes, the same time is not needed.

You can get done with the content paraphrasing in a much shorter time slot and that too without exhausting yourself.

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