Why Preschool Education Is Important

As a parent, you might have asked yourself why preschool educationisessential. What are the benefits of early childhood education for my child?

The fact is that the child starts learning in the womb. The real experience of a child begins from the school. According to different studies, a childdevelops the foundational emotional and social skills for life in the firstfive years of life. The life skills they learn duringthe first five years shape their personalities.

In preschool, teachers guide students about life skills like listening and behaving well in the classroom. They teach students to follow directionsand complete the mini-assignments. The teachers also encourage students to ask questions which builds their confidence. These skills are very important for a child’s development of cognitive skills. Children at early ages between two to five years learn through playing. Preschool education provides opportunities for your child to play with other children, solve puzzles together, participate in group activities and learn together. The process fosters respect and positive emotions.

The first five years of child’s lifeare full of discovery. The best preschools are designedto help children find answers to tough questions through exploration, experimentation, and conversation with teachers and peers. These top preschools teach letters and numbers through playing games and activities. The children learn to think creatively with story-time, playing rhyming games, and to play with blocks.

Preschools ready your child for elementary school and teach them the mostimportantemotional and social skills. We believe every child should have this type of group experiencebefore starting kindergarten.


This is a guest article by Cadence Education which is one of the premier early childhood educators in the United States, operating more than 100 private preschools and elementary schools as members of the Cadence Education Family of Schools across the country.

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