7 Things You Need To Do After Car Accident

In the US alone, there are at least six million car accidents that take place annually.  A majority of these accidents involve damage to property and vehicle.  And unfortunately, 33% of car accidents also involve personal injury to the passengers/driver. From that figure, 20% (2 out of 10) result to fatal injuries.

7 Things You Need To Do After Car Accident

1. Seek immediate medical help, including first aid and calling 911

You might need further medical treatment.  At the very least, you must contact 911 after the accident so that you can be taken to an emergency room for any injuries sustained.  Don’t let the fear of not getting insurance coverage prevent you from calling. Also, do not downplay your injury for the fear of not getting coverage.

In some cases, the severely injured are also recommended to get care from CLHF homes.  One may be able to provide sub-acute care, recuperative treatments or personalized nursing if a patient suffers from a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and other conditions following car accidents.

2. Don’t drive away from the scene of the accident

Keep your flashlight on while you’re inside your disabled car or waiting by the roadside to prevent more accidents.

3. Call the police even if for a minor accident

A police report can be valuable in filing for an insurance claim, which can include claiming for vehicle damage. [Unless interfere with traffic, you and the other vehicle involved should remain where you are.]

When the police arrive, make sure to tell what had happened exactly.     You should also be able to tell the police if you’re unsure of certain facts. Do not misstate, make up or guess any fact.

The same applies when asked if you sustain injuries.  Tell the police you’re unsure if you really are uncertain.

NOTE:  Some injury or pain from accidents only becomes apparent hours following the collision. Make sure that those involved in the accident also provide accurate info to the police to be insurance claim.

4. Call the insurance company and report the car accident

You should do it as soon as possible because many insurers require full and immediate cooperation.  Ask if you have medical benefits like Medicaid plans.

If you have it, you should submit all medical bills to the insurance provider.

This coverage is mainly for accident-related medical bills, but when the benefits are used, the primary insurer becomes the private health insurance source.

The benefits of this coverage are for the people occupying the vehicle during the accident.  But then, take note that the insurance rates must not increase for claiming MEDPAY benefits.

5. You should also take pictures of the vehicles if you have a cell phone or a camera

It applies as well when you notice visible damage.  Do a VIN lookup. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is a unique 17-digit code composed of numbers and letters used in identifying car DNA and other things.    The VIN also provides info like the car’s make and model, year, factory where it’s made, engine size and country of origin.

In addition, you must take photos of any visible injuries.  But if you cannot take them at the accident’s scene, you can have them after the accident.

6. Take information of the people involved in the accident

Be able to exchange information with them especially if no police responded to the scene of the accident.  Get the name, mobile number and address of those involved. These people include passengers and drivers.

In addition, be able to take insurance info of all the vehicles involved in the accident. Ask to see their insurance card.

If you could find witnesses to the accident, you should also get their name, mobile/phone number and address. These details might be handy for your lawyer and you in the future.

NOTE: If the police arrive, the officers will give each driver a police report number, which can be used in obtaining a police report later. But if the car accident happened in a state highway, you can request for this report from the state police.

7. Finally, uphold and protect your rights

Call up and consult your criminal lawyer to help in protecting your rights. He or she can also ensure that you can maintain valuable evidence. Get a legal advice as soon as possible because most insurance companies would want to know what happened immediately following the accident.

Before giving a statement to the insurer, talk to your lawyer for advice on things like how to get total compensation for your car as well as how to make sure you’d get medical treatment you need. You don’t have to worry about the attorney’s fee because personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency fee. So he/she could only be compensated when he/she recovers compensation for your injuries.

There you have things to do after a car accident. Refer to these tips and stay on the right track. Finally, get a personal injury lawyer for legal advice today!

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