4 Reasons To Learn Digital Marketing in 2021 &A Career Guide


Have you also heard enough about the buzz around digital marketing but wondering why should one learn it? Then you’ve come to the right place.

There are several options to learn digital marketing but we’re here to walk you through why you should learn digital marketing, how you can do it along with offering the best options available to you and the ever-increasing career opportunities around it.

Before we begin, let’s rewind a little. The first time we all heard of the Covid-19 pandemic was when it had hit China in December 2019. Little did we know that soon it was going to crawl upon us. Before we could process the severity of it, the lockdown was here.

Apart from teaching us the importance of hygiene, another major realization in the on-going pandemic was the need for digitalization in the business world, be it for a small or a large scale company. Today, there is barely anyone who hasn’t incorporated “digital marketing” in their functioning, and rightly so it has helped change the game in most of the sectors today.

The importance of Digital Marketing and its evolution over the years has been remarkable. Another prime reason for the increasing popularity of Digital Marketing is the constant diversification of the internet as a result of which a large number of students and working professionals are opting to learn digital marketing.

The primary responsibility of a digital marketer is to extensively promote businesses using internet platforms. The trends that were raging a few years back are more likely to become obsolete by this time. Thus, as a digital marketer, you must learn the utility of various techniques and tools to help in business promotion and be up-to-date with the latest trends.

I’m sure you are aware that the ads that are constantly flashing on your screens and the content you consume on the internet all belong to this sector. There’s absolutely no denial about the fact that the amount of content consumed online is raging. What better timing than today to start learning digital marketing and build a career in the field with the highest demand.

Also, after witnessing the legitimacy of Digital Marketing today, even the top renowned institutes are introducing an MBA in Digital Marketing.

Apart from the reasons discussed above, there exist several other aspects that will help you understand the importance of digital marketing in today’s time.

4 Reasons You Should Learn Digital Marketing

  • High-rising Demand for Expert Digital Marketers

If you take a brief look at the 2021 digital marketing trends, 69% more companies are willing to expand their marketing team. The data was verified by the Marketing Hiring Trends Report of this year. According to the same report, the gap between the demand and supply of digital marketing professionals is considerable. Even when the demand was around 59%, the supply could only meet up to 19%.

This means that the organizations are in a dire need of expert marketers, and so learning a skill that is now in-demand will not hurt at all. It only means that you can secure better jobs with extra security and better remuneration because you are good at something that is enjoying the maximum amount of attention.

  • Growth Prospects are Very Good

According to the experts, the demand for digital marketers in any business is expected to witness only an increase now. The main reason for such a positive prediction is because clearly, the growth of the digital economy is ten times more than the offline economy.

Companies have accepted the importance of digital marketing very well by now, considering the popularity of the internet and all other relevant social media platforms. Besides, using digital marketing, every business has been able to reach a much wider and global audience too.

  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Digital marketing is a perfect mix of technique as well as creativity. For example, on one hand, you will be analyzing data and on the other, you will be developing attractive tags, ads, and content.

Digital marketers are well-equipped when it comes to several online platforms and tools. They are capable of starting a website, developing products, and selling them too.

Therefore, the ones who are keen on learning digital marketing will have the ultimate benefit because it will help them reach their entrepreneurship goals successfully and enhance their ability to run a one-man show.

  • Better Earning

Need I remind you that digital marketers are in very high demand now. So to state the obvious you can earn more if you have the skills that almost all the companies are looking for currently. The more experience you start gaining, the better you get at performing the skills that you have learned. Thus you can always expect a raise with added experience. Now that you’ve understood the essence of it, let’s find out the career opportunities.

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

As mentioned earlier, Digital Marketing’s concept is quite elaborate and encompasses several other aspects under the same. So, you are most likely to find a place in this industry irrespective of whether you are more of a technical or more of a creative person and if you have a balance of both, then it’s needless to say that there’s no stopping for you.

Here is a list of the essential skills in Digital Marketing and their roles:

1.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How often do you use Google in a day to find the answers to the silliest or even important questions? I’m guessing you got my point. So you can only imagine the number of searches that Google gets in a day or rather in an hour from throughout the world. We trust Google today because it has proved its accuracy over the years and there’s no going back.

So, by employing SEO correctly, you can ensure that your article is ranked well when a consumer posts his query related to your niche. Hence a majority of organizations are trying to implement SEO techniques to attract more traffic and generate a lead for their respective websites.

An SEO specialist is required to handle keyword optimization, website loading speed, problem identification, and rectification related to the website.

2. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Every marketer’s basic principle is to go where the consumers are. The majority of people use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. So it only makes total sense to target them here. Social Media Marketing is all about creating a brand’s presence online and generating interactive content which unconsciously gets registered in the consumer’s mind.

You can get as creative as you’d like but keeping in mind that the brand’s voice, purpose, and beliefs are not contradicted. If social media is played correctly with, you can score a lot of potential consumers and also create strong brand recognition.

Consumers love it when they are heard and that is exactly the purpose of marketers. To give them what they are asking for or to the least, a reply containing information that would help them.

3. Content Marketing

What you’re reading right now is content. When you’re promoting it, it’s called content marketing. The entire essence of a piece of content depends on how valuable it is, the honesty with which it is written, and that its focus was to guide and help its readers solve their queries or gain some extra knowledge.

This is what increases trust among the audience, and also attracts more visitors over time. Every content that you will find on the internet starting from YouTube videos to several articles and blogs, everything is a part of content marketing.

Once you learn digital marketing, it is your responsibility to develop, post, and promote valuable content for various brands and clients. You will also have to adapt the art of understanding which piece of content is more relatable to you, which isn’t, and take important decisions like which social media platform is more relevant to you. A good article can work wonders but an incorrect one can tarnish the reputation.

4. Email Marketing

With today’s marketing scenario, Email Marketing has become an unavoidable part of a business. Companies make sure that they have an up and running email marketing team. Ads are sent across via emails that don’t let the location of a consumer come in its way.

Another genius way is to offer discounts/freebies to consumers for providing their email address and then later they become a part of the company’s newsletter. Emails are sent regularly with upcoming offers, sales, major announcements, etc. It has been proven to be an effective way of converting them into customers.

A digital marketer’s responsibility is to increase newsletter signups and create valuable content for the same. All of these will ultimately help in the conversion of subscribers and followers into real customers. Email is now a very powerful tool that can generate leads.


By the end of this, one thing we can surely conclude is that the booming digital marketing industry is here to stay with considerably high career opportunities. So, why not take the power to choose what you want to become.

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