Why look older when you’re young at heart?

The ageing process has accelerated over time with the new lifestyle. The negative attitude because of all the stress in life can lead to heart diseases, irregular blood pressure and joint pain. Temperature extremes like harsh sun rays and too cold can cause wrinkles. Excessive consumption of sugar, wheat flour and over consumption of dairy products can cause inflammation. Stress is another cause of premature ageing. Perpetual anger and constant frowning can leave wrinkles due to muscle memory.

Since ages people have made attempts to look younger by hiding their wrinkles, blemishes, dark skin and loose skin. It is believed that even queen Elizabeth I used to apply white make up made up of lead and vinegar over her face to hide her blemishes. Unfortunately, there were not enough means or procedures to have a good treatment because her makeup is the reason of her illness and skin disease. But with time and the advancement in technology and with the help of some of the best cosmetic surgeons humankind has started focusing upon their looks.

When is comes to cosmetic plastic surgery, surgeon’s experience and qualification is of much importance. It’s not like finding a hairdresser who gives you a makeover. Choosing the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai is the first hurdle. Dr Viral Desai is one such doctor who is known for his expertise in cosmetic plastic surgery with years of experience. As for his profession he has been dealing with many celebrities in Mumbai. Mumbai being the Bollywood town, a lot of television actors and celebrities seek cosmetic procedures for their demanding profession and makeover.

As a respected figure in his field,  Dr Viral Desai is often invited to speak at events and attend conferences, he has made several appearances on national television, newspaper, magazines and several media outlets. Dr Desai is a prolific author with an extensive list of cosmetic plastic surgery books and has published several papers. He is also the director of DHI India and a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon.

The irony is that even though people are focusing upon advancing in medical treatments which is to have better health still their lifestyle does not allow them to have a healthy lifestyle. Hence, having solutions to all our problems is the only option that we have. With all the options that are available at our doorstep these days people are very apprehensive about going through these treatments. However, these treatments are a combination of everything that is found naturally and is perfectly safe to use. Following are popular cosmetic surgery in Mumbai :

Injectable Fillers – These fillers are designed to inject beneath the surface of the skin to give fullness,  plump up thinning lips, enhance or fill in shallow areas on the face, decrease or remove the shadow or wrinkle under the eyes caused by the lower eyelid, fill in or soften the look of recessed scars, fill in or soften static wrinkles, especially on the lower face.

According to Dr Viral Desai, the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, they are made up of a mineral-like compound found in bones called calcium hydroxyapatite, hyaluronic acid which is found in some fluids and tissues in the body that add plumpness to the skin, polylactic acid to stimulate the skin to make more collagen, polyalkylimide, a transparent gel that is compatible with the body, polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres is a semi-permanent filler

Thread lift – It is also called non-surgical face lift. Surgical suture threads are used to lift sagging skin. It leaves no scars and has a short downtime. Dr Viral Desai, the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai can complete this treatment within an hour. The results are very subtle.

Botox – It is a non-surgical injection used to inject proteins. Besides making wrinkles vanish, it has other benefits to. It removes platysma neck bands, poppy chins and giving a proper shape to the face, it also relaxes the muscles, smoothens the skin, relieves migraine, controls excessive sweating and muscle spasms in the neck and eyes. This quick 10-minute procedure works like a charm and the results are visible in 5 to 7 days and the effect may last up to 6 months. Also, its side effects are temporary making it a very safe procedure. This cosmetic surgery in Mumbai will make you look younger.

Pigmentation – Pigmentation is another reflector of old age which happens because of stress or harsh temperature or UV rays. It can be dealt with in multiple ways. There are creams easily available for it in the market but removing pigments with creams requires a lot of dedication and a long time. Another mode of treatment for pigmentation is chemical peels which s application of a chemical on the skin to remove dead cells.

So, lets make the most of our youth while it lasts and when it feels like you are getting older, go get your perfect skin back

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