Types of Contact Lenses You Can Buy Without Prescription

Fed up with those gaudy lens frames that ruin your entire look? Shifting to contact lenses is the smartest option. Correcting your vision and offering you a great look, contact lenses are the best way to give a seamless look. When you are diagnosed with vision issues, you try the best solution to treat your vision. Contact lenses are generally available on prescription only. But, there are ways through which you can even buy them without prescription as well.

One of the ideal ways to get your contact lenses without a prescription is contactlenses4us.com. Forget the hassle of finding the prescription to get a lens for you, as contactlenses4us have got you all covered. Take a look at the below lens types that you can possibly buy without a doctor’s prescription:-

Daily Disposable Lens

These types of lens are ideal for people who are allergic to wear lenses daily. They can be worn fresh and easily disposable. It helps in restricting the substance buildup in your eyes, which leads to irritation due to wearing lenses.

2 Week Disposable Lens

Another disposable form of lenses without a prescription is 2 week disposable lens. They can be even worn day and night and continuously for 1 week before the disposal. It is made of silicone hydrogel material that is highly comfortable for the eyes.

Torics For Astigmatism

Lenses without prescription are also available for people suffering from astigmatism. Toric lenses are designed to treat astigmatism. Unlike the regular spherical lens, toric lenses have different powers in the same lens according to the vision needs. It can be adjusted to position it with the meridians.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

You can even buy multifocal contact lenses without a prescription. These are the lenses that come with different powers. It is made for those who find it inconvenient to switch between glasses for distant and near objects. Multifocal lenses are ideal for clearing the vision without changing the eyewear.

Colored Contact Lenses

Want to look like your favorite celebrity or planning for a deadly Halloween look? Colored contact lenses are the right choice for you. The good news is that they are available without a prescription. These lenses are bound to give a tint to your iris. It comes in three variants, color tint, enhancement tint, and visibility tint.

Extended (Night/Day Wear)

If you are fed up of changing your lenses every now and then, then extended wear lenses can be a great option for you. These lenses can be worn for 24 hours and come without prescription. They can last up to 7 to 30 days according to their quality material.

Buying contact lenses without a prescription is a real thing. There are online and offline vendors who supply these lenses without a prescription. You just need to explore the options available. Contactlenses4us.com is one such reliable option where you can get a wide range of contact lenses without a prescription.

The above mentioned were some of the lens types that you can buy without a proper prescription. Take a look at those types and know more about them before making your purchase decision. Your vision is sensitive; make sure you treat it right.

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