How To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Type?

When the discussion is about women bodies, then there are so many sizes and shapes which make every other woman beautiful in her way. Although over time, the various kinds of body types have been brought under five key types. These types are the rectangle, the Apple, the hourglass, the triangle, and the inverted triangle.  Moreover, top online stores like Flipkart, Zivame, Amazon, Clovia etc. make lingerie selection easy with its wide variety of options suiting different body types.

These weird variety of words describe various body shapes according to proportions of the waist, shoulders, and hips. These shapes do not have any link with your weight. While selecting lingerie, knowing your body type can be very helpful. To save on the shopping, explore lingerie offers.

That way, you will know exactly what type of clothing looks and feels best on you. And if you don’t know about your body type yet then not to worry we are here to provide you with all that you need to know.

The Rectangle Body Type-

The rectangle body type is also vastly known as the column. This body shape is quite similar to an hourglass figure, but it looks much athletic, plus it is not that distinctly tapered near the waist. The shoulder will align with the hips to form a rectangular figure. Women with this body type should go for lingerie that flaunts the waist.

Lingerie like corsets, camisoles, and bustiers bring definition to your waist. Fabrics like silk and satin will drop on the figure and create even more shape while lacey fabrics with frills or ruffles and details on the bust will look amazing on rectangular body types. While shopping, don’t miss checking out lingerie coupons online.

The Apple Body Type-

Ladies who are blessed with wide hips and big busts fall under the Apple body type just as the super beautiful and seductive model Ashley Graham. These ladies are very commonly known as the curvaceous ones. Women who have curves just need the right lingerie to enhance the favourite right parts of the body. Lingerie like babydoll dress will draw all the attention towards the long legs and bust.

While shape wear will enhance your curves and give you a smooth, desirable silhouette, if you want to bring attention to your whole body rather than just focusing on any one specific part, you should get yourself a matching set from web stores like Flipkart, Clovia, Amazon, Myntra, Zivame etc.

If you want to get quality lingerie at a low price, then you should try out shopping through coupons or going through some top Amazon fashion offers. By getting a full set that will balance out your figure and make it look in shape as a whole.

The Hourglass Body Type-

This body shape has derived its name from the sand-filled hourglass. Similar to that the hourglass body shape is distinguished from the shoulders which align with the hip-width and a narrow tapered in the waist.

Any of the lingerie styles will look good on an hourglass figure, but the real heal will be turned up by focusing on narrow waist. With lingerie like a corset, garter belt, a teddy, also thongs and v-cut panties look stunning on an hourglass body type. You can easily find this variety of innerwear online.

 The Triangle Body Type-

The triangle body type can be distinguished by seeing whether the size of the hips sidewinder than the shoulders and chest. J-Lo is one of the best examples of a lady with a triangle-shaped body type. If you want to bring a balanced look to your figure, you will have to go for lingerie that brings attention to your upper body more than the hip area.

Lingerie like push up bras, corsets, lace babydolls, and bustiers will help you even out your body structure. While if you want to enhance your lower frame more then you should go for innerwear like a thong, a teddy, v-cut panties. You find the best lingerie offers on innerwear online on Amazon by picking lingerie Amazon coupon on fashion.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

When you take the body type triangle and flip it, you get inverted triangle body shape. This body type has broad shoulders and a big bust, while the hips and waist are narrow. Hence, to choose the correct lingerie, teddy should be the best pick.

This garment will elongate your body and make your shoulders look slim. With this, you can get a confident look. Keep the upper body innerwear simple and put the real focus on panties that way, you can balance the shape.

Hence, these were a few tips which will help you when you go to buy the next lingerie. The above information gives you a complete guide about lingerie for particular body shapes and types. To get amazing deals online, shop online. As soon as you decide what to buy, check out Amazon today offer on clothes and head on to the lingerie section. Grab the best lingerie offers before they are gone.

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