Treatment Options for ED

Erectile dysfunction is a very old problem, and many methods have been tried to treat it in ancient and modern times. However, recent in-depth studies on the physiology and pathology of Erections have led to some new treatments. Often, outpatients also ask their physicians to recommend a treatment option. Today, in order to make the public have a basic understanding of these treatment methods, in order to facilitate understanding of disease awareness and treatment. Here are some ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

First of all, in addition to the prerequisites for erotic desire stimulation, the penis must be filled with blood in the sponge of the penis. The accumulated blood is supplied by the enlarged arteries and stored in the volume of the expanded sponge so that the penis can expand and prolong Erection. Today’s research also knows that most of the poor erections are poor blood supply, and patients with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes all have some degree of poor blood supply to the penis. Therefore, the current treatment methods are mostly aimed at expanding blood supply in the penis. The common treatments are as follows:

Oral medicine

This is currently based on Viagra. This medicine is a breakthrough in the treatment of poor erectile dysfunction. Since it was officially launched in Taiwan in March 1988, it has sold an average of 3,200 tablets per day (Pfizer). Satisfaction reached 88% (clinical research in Taiwan). The biggest benefits of Viagra are convenience, low invasiveness, and side effects including flushing of the face, dizziness, temporary blurred vision, headache, and nasal congestion. The most common concern is “Can people with the cardiovascular disease take Viagra?” Viagra will cause a slight decrease in blood pressure, but it will not have a significant adverse effect on patients with cardiac coronary artery disease. However, patients who use nitrate to lower blood pressure are prohibited from using Viagra because of a sudden drop in blood pressure. So far, no serious adverse reactions have been reported. Cardiovascular patients will not be effective against Viagra in severe cases. In short, Viagra is still the first choice of medicine for penile erectile dysfunction because of its convenience and safety.

Other upcoming new drugs have the same mechanism of action as Viagra and similar effects. Side effects include headache, back pain, muscle pain, etc. Click here to know more about this.

Vacuum Pump

The principle of the vacuum aspirator is to use a circular tube to cover the penis, and then use a manual control or electric method to pump the tube into a vacuum. At this time, the blood of the penile artery is poured into the sponge to make it erect, and it is at the root of the penis Put on a rubber cover so that the blood in the sponge will not flow back into the body, causing a continuous erection for a period of time, and sexual intercourse. The advantage of this method is a non-invasive therapy, which does not require surgery or injection. It can be used for any cause of erectile dysfunction. The effect is fast and can be used immediately. However, the biggest disadvantage is that the use of skills must be taught and the patient’s hands must be flexible. At the time, it was not easy to be very skilled at the time. Another disadvantage is that the use of rubber sleeves will cause purple blood stasis in the penis and pain in ejaculation.


A vasodilator is used to inject into the cavernous body of the penis to congest the corpora cavernous to achieve the purpose of erection. This method is not only quick and reliable but also has certain effects on most patients. Similarly, the biggest inconvenience is proficiency in operation accuracy and skills. For patients who are not effective with Viagra, if you want to perform self-injection therapy, you may have to do a teaching injection and drug dose assessment first. The benefits of this method of treatment are large effect, fast speed, disadvantages are invasive (injection), high skill, and pain after injection and long-term injection may cause deformation of the penis. Read more about this type of treatments.

Penile vein ligation surgery

It is designed to make more blood accumulate in the cavernous body and ligate the downstream veins to achieve the purpose of erection. Although this method has certain effects, it is usually good after surgery, and gradually after one or two years Lose its effectiveness, because the real cause of erectile dysfunction may be due to insufficient blood supply to the arteries rather than to the vein itself. Of course, when choosing a treatment, it may be a treatment. Especially for patients with congenital or traumatic venous insufficiency, it has a good effect, so special attention should be paid to its adaptation conditions when selecting patients.

Artificial penis implantation

Use of surgery to fill the cavity of the cavernous body with an artificial penis. Because the cavernous body is eventually destroyed, this method is a no-go. Because of this, most people treat it as the last line of treatment. There are various designs of the artificial penis, each with its ingenuity and its shortcomings. Therefore, patients should understand what design of the penis and how to choose before surgery. In the past, some patients would expect the artificial penis to bring back desire and orgasm. It should be noted that the artificial penis only helps erection and does not directly stimulate sexual desire and orgasm

Due to the research and understanding of penile erection, in recent years, the treatment of erectile dysfunction has been more diverse, and oral medication is epoch-making progress. Of course, the choice is listed first. Other oral ineffective or unsuitable patients can choose other treatments. Each treatment has its advantages and disadvantages. It is best to be evaluated by a specialist and discuss various treatment methods to choose the most suitable way. Visit the site if you have more questions about erectile dysfunction(ED).

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