7 Must-Have Designer Pillows to Complement Your Room

Throw pillows are one of the best décor elements for your living room and bedroom. It can add a creative soft touch to your furniture while making seating areas more comfortable and beautiful.

Pillows come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. You can choose unique designs and fabrics to add a stunning impact to your living room. These designer accessories can be used to add a great impact and custom statement to the premises. However, the ultimate appeal usually depends upon the design and finish of the covers that you choose for the pillows.

Whether you have realized it or not, decorative pillows can be the most important home décor element for your new structure. It is considered the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to transform your living space. The best part is that you can experiment with several colors, textures, and fabrics on a very small budget.

Some of you might be a little curious to know about the best designer pillow ideas to complement your living room. Well, below we have listed a few of them to help you make up your mind to buy this versatile home décor accessory:

Artistic Throw Pillows

One of the best recommendations from experts is the artistic throw pillows. They are designed with creative work with a unique mixture of colors. You can easily find some theme-based artistic pillows for the bedroom and living room as well. The list can include animal prints, human features, some abstract paintings, or many more. This type of artistic work can be implemented on square-shaped sofa throw pillows, large rectangular pillows, and round-shaped pillows as well. Some of the widely recommended options are pillows with a white base and black artistic work over it. Some artists also prefer using minimal color combinations to enhance the appeal.

Cartoon Throw Pillows

If you are looking for some attractive and creative pillow collections for the kid’s room or living room where kids love to spend most of their time, pillows with cartoon characters engraved over them are more useful. You can choose super cute pillows with kawaii characters which makes them the best cuddle buddy for kids. Other than this, you can also find pillows with all other modern age cartoon characters and those inspired by Disney land to bring a smile to the face of your kids. You can also look for some customization options to make these designer pillows as per the specific requirement of your interior décor.

Artistic Skull Pillows

If you want to add a little creative twist to the décor in the living room, the artistic skull pillows can handle the job very well. The fabric can have some colorful skulls drawn over it and they can fit with a sofa of any color. You can also put them in your bedroom to create a unique aura with colors. These skulls are designed over some dark or solid base colors and they can be in pair also. You can even get printed the name of the partners on these pillows to customize your bedroom décor. You can find these artistic skull pillows in a variety of colors with a unique finish.

Abstract Retro Throw Pillows

Those who are in love with the artistic vibes can choose abstract and retro designs to give a twist to the living room. You can find these throw pillows in unique color combinations with polka pattern or rich designs. If you have already installed some abstract paintings in your room, these pillows could complement them really well while creating a stunning appeal on the premises. You can even pair pillows with different color combinations by making selections out of the far edges of the color wheel. The mixture of colors makes them suitable for all kinds of home décor.

Animal Print Pillows

How can we forget to talk about the animal print pillows? They look really well with the cutest animal prints. You can even customize these pillows to fix the photo of your lovely pet. These can be placed on the sofa and on the bed as well. You can have the same animal in different poses on all pillows or pick pillows with different animals to create your favorite animal kingdom in the bedroom. These pillows can be your best cuddle buddy with the image of your favorite animal engraved on them.

Colorful Floral Pillows

If you are more in love with natural beauty, butterflies, and colors; you can go ahead with the floral patterns of pillows. These pillows make up the best choice for the room of your baby girl and she will definitely love the colorful collection on her bed. You can find these pillows with colorful floral patterns; they can have all identical patterns or totally asymmetrical designs depending upon your décor theme.

Country Folk Art Pillows

Here comes another creative idea for the designer pillows. You can choose pillow fabrics with country folk art paintings that look really awesome. They can have a plain white base with colorful artwork on the top. These fabrics display the beauty of countryside culture or the traditional lifestyle. If you are following the traditional décor for your indoors, these pillows can definitely add a unique touch to the premises. Prefer to pair them perfectly well with the paintings on the wall and the color of the sofa or bedsheet.

Now you have gone through some of the best designer pillow ideas that could meet your home décor needs with ease. Other than this, you can also go ahead with the document script pillow designs or choose a Hollywood nostalgia decorative theme for your bedroom. The bird and animal patterns are also gaining huge popularity around the world. Those who are more in love with modern art can go with monochrome design ideas. In short, there are plenty of unique design ideas that you can try for creating a comfortable environment in the room.

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