6 Tips to Choose the Best Chewing Dental Toy for a Pet

In addition to the shape of the chewing dental toy for your pet, you must take into account factors such as the age of the dog and the materials from which they are made, as some can be toxic to pets.

Pets that live in small houses or are very old tend to live a very sedentary lifestyle. The use of toys can be a good incentive to make them move and get them out of boredom.

A dental toy for your pet is the ideal option for him to have fun when he is alone at home.

In the growth stage of the pet, it is also important to practice a physical activity in which the owner and the puppy can participate.

This will increase the bonds of friendship between the two. In addition, by giving your puppy a chewing dental toy, you will help him strengthen his teeth.

However, before going to the pet store to buy a dental toy for your dog, you should keep in mind certain aspects.

And while they may seem obvious, we sometimes neglect them. Do not forget that the right care will help your dog to have more fun.

6 Tips to choose ideal chewing dental toy for your pet

1. Look for toys that are safe

Although accidents can always happen, there are toys that can have a greater degree of danger for your dog.

Obviously, everything depends on the toy and the animal. In addition, it is important to consider whether the dog can use the toy alone. Otherwise, you must supervise it to avoid possible damage.

When choosing a chewing toy for your dog, keep in mind that those that are made of plastic tend to break more easily. In addition, they can damage your friend’s mouth.

If you are looking for something lasting, a clean, large ox bone is the solution.  They are edible, durable and, due to their size, cannot be swallowed.

If you want to play more actively with the dog, it is advisable to choose a tennis ball. However, we must be alert when the dog uses it. If it is broken or punctured, you must remove it from the dog’s mouth.

We must remember that golf balls are not indicated, as they are small and made of toxic substances harmful to your dog.

Are you looking for safer chewing toys for your pet? Check out most preferred dental chew toys with the necessary link: Dental toys for dogs to chew.

2. Buy toys at trusted pet stores

An establishment must maintain certain controls over the products it sells. Therefore, he must ensure that his dog does not suffer any type of intoxication, stomach perforation or any other accident that may be caused by a low quality toy.

It is also important that you read the toy labels. Thus, you will be able to correctly choose the chewing toy for your dog.

Never consider buying any toy that has parts that could come loose and make your pet choke.

3. Choose a chewing toy for your age-appropriate dog

As with children, dogs need special toys that meet their needs in their growth stages.

You can give them a special chewing toy for puppies, as they like to bite and taste everything they find.

In addition, if you choose a soft, fiber-rich texture, it can ease the discomfort in the gums that puppies usually feel.

A toy for a dog is a very special gift. Remember that they become very attached to their stuff over time.

In the case of toys for adult dogs, they also play a very important role. They strengthen the relationship between the owner and the animal. In addition, they add new practices to your routine, presenting a new tool with which to have fun.

4. Choose a chew toy for your dog that he will like

Most of the time, dog owners shop blindly without knowing for sure whether the animal will like their toy or not.

Therefore, it is important to know your friend’s tastes well to try to find the ideal toy.

There are currently several categories to choose from:

  • Fetch toys: Like balls or a Frisbee, which keep the dog entertained and physically active.
  • Toys to bite: These types of toys are special to keep dogs entertained or to relieve the irritation that puppies have in their gums when their teeth start to grow. Choose a sturdy material so that your dog can enjoy it for a long time.
  • Pull-out toys: Usually, knotted ropes at the ends for puppies to compete, which can also be used by the owner and the pup to train and teach orders.
  • Toys to develop your intelligence: These toys keep our dogs’ minds agile and stimulated, offering them a reward. It is important that the owner supervises the dog while he uses this type of toy.
  • Regardless of the type of toy chosen, the most important thing is that the dog likes and has fun at home and with its owner.

5. Stimulate your dog’s instincts and senses

Chewing toys are a great resource for stimulating a dog’s instincts. Dental toys also have a smell. Check before buying the toy if the odor is too strong to the point of displeasing the animal, as this can cause the dog to leave it aside.

These toys also allow you to put snacks inside – it stimulates the sniffing instinct. We can also mention those that have a noise (rattle), stimulate the animal’s hearing.

6. Pay attention to the size of the toys

You should be aware of the size of the toys. Both large and small animals can choke. When buying, ask for guidance on the appropriate size for the size of your dog.

Attention should also be paid to those chewing toys that have several parts, as they can come loose and, if they are much smaller than the dog’s mouth, there is the possibility of being swallowed. However, do not overdo the size, as very large toys become uninteresting to them.

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