Choosing a good piano teacher can be very tasking. A lot of things need to be considered before making your decision. The first thing you need to consider is the goal you hope to accomplish for your child through the teacher. Your goal will help you decide on the preferred qualification and teaching method of the teacher, how much you are willing to spend and various other things you need to consider. Let’s dive in!

Your Goal

The reasons for looking for a piano teacher varies from parent to parent. It could be simply for the skill, leisure, an exam, or a presentation at church or other social gatherings. Knowing your goal will guide you in choosing the best.

Teacher’s Qualification

You might be tempted to think that qualifications do not matter, after all, your child is only a beginner. This can be misleading as early stages are equally as important as advanced stages of learning the piano. Therefore your choices should be focused on educational qualification in music or even better, certified piano teachers. Previous experience with teaching children and membership of professional organisations can also guide your decision making.

Teaching Methods

The instructional materials being used, evaluation methods and cumulative practice time (per student) are key factors to consider. Some teachers may use archaic methods and materials and the evaluation style might not be the best. Ask as many questions on these areas to get the best deal.


A good pricing system will contain tutor fees, instruments and supplies fees and cancellation policy. The pricing must be clear to avoid misunderstandings. For instance, missed lessons may not be refunded or rescheduled, you should be fully aware of any of such policies.


You must be sure that your child will be free at the available time slots. Sometimes, the best time slots might have been filled up, it is okay to adjust temporarily and move on to the better slot later on. It also has to be during periods that are not too draining for the child. A renowned piano teacher in Singapore revealed that most students prefer evening and weekend classes.

Teacher’s Personality

If your child is an adolescent, the teacher will be a part of their growth and could take part in your parenting journey. Learning from a teacher is beyond piano as your children would learn many other things from them. Would the teacher be someone you want your child to confide in and learn from especially in this stage of their life?


Once you have gotten your potential teacher, it is okay to do a little extra research. You could attend his/her recital or get an honest review from former students (or parents of students). Also, be sure that the teacher has a genuine interest in your child and that he/she possesses other intrinsic values you would want to see in your child’s tutor. This is best accomplished outside the interview with the teacher. Wishing you the very best!

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