Check out these easy steps to gain Power BI training and become an expert user!

Microsoft certification training has a wide array of benefits which will help you gain in depth insight into your business. Every business has to deal with a large amount of data so that information can be extracted from it to make decisions for the company. These decisions should help the company to grow more and earn more profits.

Power BI training will help you understand how to simplify the process of extracting and presenting this data in dynamic and interactive platforms using easy techniques. It is a cloud based tool which does not require any particular capital expenditure or infrastructure support no matter what the size of the business is.

Pros of Power BI training and implementing it in businesses

  • Power BI has the potential to integrate easily with your existing business environment. Using it, Microsoft Azure consultants and help you to embed interactive visuals into your applications.
  • Power BI has an awesome information dashboard which can be customised according to the exact need of any business. To enhance the experience of the users, it is easy to embed these dashboards into the applications.
  • Microsoft Power BI helps you to automatically refresh the data and publish the reports so that the users will be able to view all the latest information.
  • Power BI training will help you understand how to transform the company data into rich visuals so that you can extract information from it to make informed decisions.
  • Microsoft Power BI helps you to integrate the advanced Data Services and cloud services seamlessly to provide all the required results.

So the above points well establish the fact that Microsoft Power BI is extremely effective and will help you stay in this competitive world. Microsoft certification proves that you have all the necessary skills to understand business intelligent systems and all in all it is a smarter solution.

How can you become a Power BI user quickly?

Certain circumstances might happen when you might need the latest data due to some reason. But when the data is present in multiple different locations, it is hard to access it especially when you do not have the required skill set.

But Power BI training will help you overcome all these issues. It is a cloud-based business analytics service which will help you to visualise and analyse data with much higher speed and efficiency. Signing up to use Power BI is a totally free process.

These easy practices will let you use Power BI very effortlessly

  • Firstly it helps if you verify whether the relationships that were auto detected are correct or not. Removing unnecessary relationships will help you improve the performance. Usually when multiple relationships are present in a pair of tables, only one of the relationships will be considered active while the others will be inactive. You can try to reshape the data into fact dimension tables for better performance.

To use Power BI

  • You have to first connect to a data source which will be done in minutes. Then you have to click on “Get Data” option present in the navigation pane. You can then take a data source of your choice and it can be from within your organisation or from any online service.
  • The next step is to create a promising dashboard. It will help you display the premises and cloud data on a single canvas. To create a new one, all you need to do is click the plus sign present next to the dashboards heading. You can select any new name and connect to a data set.
  • You can use data from your existing reports in your Power BI or add a new data source according to your choice. You have the freedom to resize, delete, move aura name any of the tiles in the dashboard.
  • If you want to share your masterpiece to any of our colleagues or friends, you can invite them to do so after day sign up for Power BI.
  • If your colleagues have sent you a link to a dashboard you can also access it on your mobile device. Power BI application is also available for Android and IOS devices.

Using Microsoft power BI, you will be able to query your data using any natural language. When you type any question, Power BI will pick the best visualisation to answer your question.

Power BI training will also teach you to create stunning reports based on the data and share those reports with your team or colleagues.


In this technological competitive era, Power BI training and Microsoft certification training can definitely change the game if you gain all the required skills set to use them effectively. So make use of all the pros!

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