Top 7 Reasons to Visit Marrakech

Marrakech is the City rich in culture and tradition. When you arrive in Marrakech you would find yourself surrounded by an ancient city full of snake charmers, exotic music, busy Markets with vendors all over the place trying to sell you something. You may find this awkward at first but do not worry, Marrakech has its own person with a unique lifestyle that represents the numerous faces of the city’s character.

Marrakech offers a feeling of adventure and a dynamic environment that appeal to visitors. The visitors are constantly enchanted by its exuberant environment, lovely souvenirs, historic attractions and friendly Moroccans. In the event that you considering visiting Morocco for an excursion, Marrakech is the best spot to spend your vacation and experience the diverse blend of exceptional culture, extraordinary design, expressions and experience. So, in this article I will highlight the top 7 reasons on why you should not miss an excursion to Marrakech.

  1. Museaum da Marrakech

Marrakech has various museums that grandstand accumulation of collection of local arts and crafts including historic artworks. It is one of the iconic buildings in Marrakech, if you are not a fan of museums then I challenge you to visit this historic building, you would immediately fell for it. The building used to be the royal mansion but now houses prominent collection of carved doors, strange kitchen tools, musical instruments and daggers. You will likewise discover astounding Moroccan works of art showed in the museum. If you are a lover of history and art then Marrakech is the place for you because there are other amazing museums in Marrakech which you will definitely find very interesting.

  1. Riadsin Marrakech

If you are considering to spend luxury holidays, Marrakech is a place you should think of. Marrakech Riads are guesthouses where you can stay during your visit to the city. The extravagance and moderateness of Marrakech Riad is unmatchable. Riads are beautifully structured in a Moroccan manner and they accompany a rich and refined environment. By staying in riads you can get te essence of what the Moroccan culture is all about.

  1. Moroccan Foods

Moroccan food is very delightful, and eating in Marrakech is one of numerous treats the city offers. Moroccan food is rich and tasteful with an assortment of tajines, fish and meat dishes, unavoidable baked goods and desserts. Every Moroccan food is made to be savored and reminisced. The taste of the popular Moroccan mint tea and couscous will remain in your memory after you have left the city. Marrakech has number of hotels and street foods which are popular in all over the world. 

  1. Andre Heller Garden

It is tucked he snow-capped Atlas Mountains, André Heller’s paradisiacal greenhouse offers a remarkable new fascination close to the city of Marrakesh. Twenty-seven km outside of the city in the Ourika Valley. When you visit this garden then I bet you would change your thinking about gardens. Views of the mountains are breathtaking, as are the African sculptures and Heller’s lush botanical staging.

  1. Kasbah Tamadot

It is Just located in the heart of Atlas Mountains, just about 50 minutes south of Marrakech. It is built by none other than Sit Richard Branson. It has an airy lounge with stylish rooftop with spectacular views. It has the tennis court, gym and open concert area, swimming pool and many other facilities to entertain guests.  When you visit this place, you would feel like you are in a oasis.

  1. Great Weather

I know you may that why I included this in my list and I do know that most of you thought that Marrakech weather is warm but this not true. Malaka Hilton, a travel consultant with Admiral Travel says that Marrakech weather is beautiful. Although in November heavy rain hits the Marrakech every year but winters are generally mild making it easy for travelers to visit. In winters you would love Marrakech to fes desert tour because the temperature gets down and you could explore fes very easily.

  1. Chrobou Chouf Fountain

Open drinking fountains are very common in the medina, however the Chob ou Chouf (“Drink and Look”) is something progressively unique. Indeed, individuals still use it, however the imaginativeness from its previous life is obvious, because of its wooden crown cut from cedar wood.

So, these are my top 7 reasons on why you should visit Marrakech. Although there are dozens of more places where you can plan your trip from Marrakech like Sahara desert, atlas mountains and most popular one 3 days desert tour from Marrakech to fes.

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