How to choose the best Heating system for your home?

When you find the right time to change your heating system, like when you are buying a new home or got tired of repairing your old one, there can be lots of confusion due to the variety of heating systems available in the market. Hence, it is very important to know the different types of available heating systems and the factors that you have to look for, for the comfortable experience. This is reason you should go for a heating repair San Diego area.

Let’s dive into the types of HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems that are most popular in the market.

  1. Central Heating (Ducted) system

A central heating system is the most preferred one in majority American households. A central source of heat will be there, which can be accessed for attic or basement, and can provide warmth throughout the home which includes multiple systems through various duct lines. One of the major problems with the central heated system is that it is not space efficient, as it takes larger space than any other heating system.

Furnaces, boilers and electric heat pumps are the three major types of the central heating system. Let’s see the overview of all three.

Furnaces – The central source uses gas, oil or electricity to produce the heat that will be distributed throughout the system. The one that uses gas is mostly preferred by residents, as it is cost efficient and fuel efficient with a high AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of 90%.

Boilers – Boilers can be pictured as big size heaters with 80% AFUE. The heat is produced indirectly by heating the water, and as the hot water passes by, the heat will be radiated everywhere around the room. The ducts will be replaced by pumps to circulate the water around the system. The fuel or gas can be used to ignite the boiler.

Electric heat pumps – As the name says, the system uses electricity for a refrigeration cycle in summer and a reverse cycle during winter. The air heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps are the most common ones. The former uses air from the surrounding to pump up heat and is less expensive while the later pumps up heat from ground or ground water. These are best in heating installation San Diego.

  1. Ductless Heating system

The ductless heating system eliminates the use of ducts and vents for producing heat but requires one for each room and cannot work like the central heating system. The ductless mini-split system is taking up the HVAC market, and it becomes the new addition to every home and work space. With the modernized look and a remote-control access, this system also demands a very less space, which is catching the eye of many.

The other types of Ductless Heating systems include the window AC and portable AC. Both of them are energy efficient and are very easy to install. Small homes and workshops can go for such systems without bothering much as they can take care of both summer and winter, in an efficient way.

  1. Direct Heating system

The direct heating system is the oldest system that can be classified as a gas-fired, unvented gas-fired and electrically heated system. The gas-fired systems are flexible ones, as they can be mounted on walls or just placed on the floor surface. This system can be very cheap and can easily set up by yourself at home. The unvented gas-fired system is an extremely hazardous system, but is in the market for many decades and not recommended by any professionals. The electrically heated system provides heat by heating metals with the help of electricity, but a continuous supply of it will be required.

  1. Solar Heating system

Solar heating systems are the most recommended one, when it comes to an eco-friendly method of heating. As the sun acts as a fuel, there is no external fuel required for the system, and once installed, can last a lifetime. Though the system can be very expensive, there will be no harmful gases involved and can be used whenever we want, without depending on electricity.

After having a better understanding about the available heating system, consider the factors that are involved in purchasing one. The most common factors that will be overlooked by anyone are – efficiency of the system according to the home or workspace area, cost you are cutting off from your budget, the preferred fuel type and the distribution type. Based on the evaluation of all the factors, take a decision and go for it.

Selecting a heating system as a new one or as a replacement can sometimes be overwhelming, and that is where you have to think of services available nearby, to discuss your requirements and availability to get a broader idea. For example, there are many providers for heating installation in San Diego. All you have to do is to choose a dealer by reading reviews from the website and contact them. They can suggest the fuel type and distribution type that can be best suited for your home or workspace. Though the money you are planning to spend on the system has to be conveyed for better details. Such dealers can give you a full experience of all the varieties, as they will have the model already for the customers. If you are in San Diego, consult with the available heating repair San Diego units and make the final decision.

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