How Holistic Web Design Is Vital To Your Marketing Strategy

In the past, web design was all about delivering slick, user-friendly experiences to website visitors. And it worked. Millions of businesses got sites that produced results.

Today, though, the situation is markedly different. Web design is no longer about fast-loading pages or intuitive navigation  – all that’s expected. Instead, it’s about creating elements that work together to deliver something that honors the brand.

How Holistic Web Design Builds Brands

Building a brand isn’t easy. A brand is not something that’s “out there” in the world, but perception in the minds of your customers. It’s the subjective experience of your company.

Because of this, the way your site appears can have a tremendous impact on the nature of your brand. The content, typeface, colors, and images can all exert a profound effect on the subjective experience of people on your site.

Because of this, getting the basics right is no longer sufficient. Customers assume that your pages will load quickly and the mobile experience will be good. The place you deliver the real value is the layer above all that: it’s how your site makes your company appear unique. Avoiding negative emotions, like frustration because a page won’t load is important, but eliciting positive emotions, such as excitement, when introducing a new product, is even more so.

It Helps You Differentiate From Your Competitors

At Hendersonville website design, we believe that differentiation is a critical element in web design. It’s what compels your customers to come to you for services instead of going to a competitor. But how do you do it?

Some of the best business websites in the world try to tell a story. They introduce customers to their values, their raison d’etre, and appeal to their emotional sentiment. They explain why they exist, what they’re trying to achieve, and where they’re going. Motivations can range from the humorous to the profound, but all have consumer-engagement in common.

It Helps To Build A Presence Online

You can have the most fantastic branding in the world, but if you get buried on page ten of search results for your chosen keywords, then it’s not much use. If you’re searching for “website design near me,” then make sure that you use a web design company that incorporates good SEO into the fabric of their sites. A beautiful site is useless if nobody can find it.

It Helps To Convert

Gurus used to think of websites as digital storefronts – the online equivalent to a shop window. But over time, the paradigm has changed. Sites are now seen as tools that businesses can use to convert people into paying customers.

Of course, you might argue that this is what they always were, but there’s now a recognition that websites can be effective, even when not in the traditional shop front form. Company websites are a kind of courtship tool, dancing back and forth with customers, attempting to make the sale and drum up revenue. The exact form that that courtship takes is no longer set in stone.

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