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Here are top 5 most-recommended tips to have a comfortable and cosy winter, by maintaining the most valuable and much needed machine, the heater. THERMOSTAT REGULATION The primary thing to check, during winter, is the proper working of the thermostat in your heater. Never guess...
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Exploring new ways to manage the devastation caused by floods

Throughout history, floods have always created great damage and untold suffering for millions of people. They can cause huge economic losses and affect a larger community of people as they have greater potential than other natural disasters. To mitigate the risks posed by the flood,...
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Applying 2021 Design Trends in Restaurant Industry

With the coronavirus situation going on many of the restaurants had been forced to shut down in 2020, but this year in 2021 every business is slowing trying to open up, and so are the restaurants. But keeping in mind that the pandemic is still...
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