7 Reasons Why a Backyard Home Security Camera and Alarm is a Must

Protect Your Valuables in Your Backyard with Home Security Solutions

Most people think about a security system to protect their homes from break-ins and keeping all the valuables inside safe, however, an added layer of protection is to have a home security camera and alarm in the backyard too.

7 Reasons Why a Backyard Home Security Camera and Alarm is a Must

Most homeowners worry about a burglar in their home but have you stopped to think how they gain entry. Most burglars go to the back of the house so neighbors and passersby can’t see them. Discover why a backyard home security camera and alarm is a must for all homeowners.

Safeguard Outdoor Grills

A thief wants to get their hands on something that is easy to get rid of and make them some money; however, they want the process to be quick so they don’t get caught. Think of all the items you keep in your backyard. Some can be quite pricey when you purchase them, such as a large barbeque grill with all the bells and whistles. A thief likes to find a grill as such which can have several burners, a refrigerator, storage under it and a rotisserie because they can get a good price for it and it is on wheels so they can just roll it out of your backyard to steal it.

Protect Patio Furniture

Your patio furniture is a prime item for a thief to take and it can be an expensive set that will cost quite a bit to replace. They can easily back up a trailer or truck and just load up on your backyard oasis. Some burglars will even take your gazebo, as it is a prime target for thieves too.

Locked Sheds are No Problem

So, maybe you lock some of your valuables outdoors in a backyard shed to store them. Most people put their expensive sports equipment in a locked shed and think they are protected–not so fast. No matter what type of lock is on the shed, a burglar can easily break it with only a few tools. Padlocks can be cut off in just a matter of seconds with a bolt cutter and most criminals have a bump key to unlock any standard door lock that takes a key. Just because you have a lock on your garden shed doesn’t mean they can’t gain entrance to it–and quickly.

But I Have a Locked Fence

Having a locked fence that is hard for someone to scale from the outside seems to be a good idea, right? Not so fast there. A determined intruder can again break the lock and just enter the backyard of your home. And then, will a fence in place, they can’t be seen by neighbors or people driving by while they clean out your backyard valuables. So a fence can actually be a burglars friend and help to hide them when they are up to no good.

Intruder Deterrence

Burglars are often deterred just because they see that you have an outdoor camera. They will often move on to another home that is seemingly unprotected to find something of value there. The higher your outdoor cameras are the better. It gives intruders a better site of them if they are up on the roof or high in the air and as an added bonus, the height makes them more tamper proof in the process.

Remote Protection

An outdoor smart security system is linked to your cell phone, tablet or computer or all three. It can give you alerts when motion is detected from an outdoor camera and even automatically call the police for you. You can see exactly what is going on in real time in your backyard at the touch of a button with a live video feed. This is also helpful to catch a thief that intruded in your backyard as the video and still, photos are very clear to identify the culprit correctly.

Determine Security Weak Spots

You can access your video feed on a smart home security system to have a real-time view of your backyard at all times, even at night if you have night vision cameras. This enables you to see if there is perhaps a blind spot in your backyard that the camera can’t see, such as large bushes or trees. You can then determine how many more cameras you need and where they need to be installed to have 100 percent of your backyard covered.

Modern Outdoor Home Security Cameras and Alarms

The smart versions of outdoor home security cameras and alarms are just that–very smart. They are simple to use and give you some great benefits over the older types. Look for outdoor cameras that are waterproof and weatherproof so they function in all types of weather and even when it’s frozen or snowing in the winter. Outdoor cameras are tough so they can’t usually be destroyed by a thief trying to knock them out. The wireless design is a great advantage as an intruder can’t cut the wires to it and render it useless. You can choose wide-angle cameras that can give you a larger area of surveillance in your yard.

If you want complete protection for your home, add backyard cameras and alarms. Call a home security professional to help you decide which features and packages you need and to get you started on complete peace of mind at your home.



Adam Fogal is the owner of Citywide Alarms, a top rated home and business security company in St. Louis, Mo. Aside from doing his business, Adam loves writing to spread awareness about securing your loved ones and valuables. During free time, Adam spends his quality time with his family.

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